Alberto Mucci


The World's Greatest Hangover Cure Is Drenched in Tomato Sauce

Turkey’s answer to New York’s pizza slices or London’s fried chicken wings is a special beef burger cooked in milk, garlic, and mint, covered up in tomato sauce, and slapped in the middle of a golden bun.
Alberto Mucci

The Supermarket of the Future Knows Exactly What You're Eating

When I pick up a tomato, a set of data pops up on the screen in front of me telling me where the tomato was grown, as well as its nutritional properties and even its carbon footprint.
Alberto Mucci

Inside the World's Smallest Bar

“I have seen it all from behind the counter,” says the bartender at Backdoor, pointing at the tiny space in which he mixes what are considered some of Italy’s best cocktails.
Alberto Mucci

Your Breakfast Itinerary in the Brunch Capital of the World

“Istanbul’s best breakfast” is a hard title to claim and defend in a sprawling city with more than 15 million people, but the queue outside Van Kahvalti Evi confirms that this place is brunch royalty.
Alberto Mucci

I Went on a Greasy Sausage Crawl Through Bucharest

Mici are to Bucharest what hot dogs are to New York City. The recipes for these little grilled sausages are jealously guarded by cooks around town, who sling thousands of them to hungry Romanians every day.
Alberto Mucci

Naples's Best Pizza Maker Is Loved and Hated for Good Reason

Gino Sorbillo is considered Naples's best Neopolitan pizza maker, but between run-ins with the local mafia, a restaurant fire, and an influx of tourism, his road to success hasn't been easy.
Alberto Mucci

This Naples Restaurant Is Fighting the Local Mafia

Casal di Principe is a Sicilian town that has been ravaged by the Camorra, the local mafia, but one local restaurant is fighting back with food.
Alberto Mucci