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Quickies: The King of Noodle Soups in Just 30 Minutes

For the latest installment of Workaholics, Mandy Yin shows us how to make spicy prawn laksa, the “king of noodle soups in Malaysia.”
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The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Mrs Chow’s Menu Is So Good It Hasn’t Changed in 40 Years

Welcome back to The Last Bite, our column documenting the survival of traditional food establishments. Today, we visit a proudly old-school Chinese restaurant in West London, headed up by 92-year-old Mrs Chow.
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chinese new year

The ‘Tray of Togetherness’ Is a Lucky Dip of Sweets, Nuts, and Good Fortune

Traditionally shared with family at Chinese New Year, the Tray of Togetherness is a platter divided into either six or eight compartments that hold symbolic candies, fruits, nuts, and coins.
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Quickies: The Easiest, Creamiest Pasta Requires Only 7 Ingredients

Chef Ben Marks of London's Perilla restaurant shares his 30-minute recipe for decadent spaghetti carbonara.
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hot pot

Why You Should Be Eating Hot Pot on Christmas Day

For many of Britain’s Asian families, hot pot is an unofficial Christmas tradition: a middle finger to winter’s sub-zero temperatures and soggy Brussels sprouts.
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This Turkish Chef Uses a Hairdryer to Supercharge His Grill

“You’ve never heard of the hairdryer trick?” gasps Hus Vedat, head chef at new London Turkish restaurant Yosma.
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Opening Your Own Restaurant Is More Rewarding Than Michelin-Star Cooking

"When you’re cooking three Michelin-starred food, everything has to be perfect,” says London chef Jun Tanaka, who recently opened his own restaurant, The Ninth. “I worked there for the knowledge and experience. But on a day-to-day basis, I hated it.”
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How British Chefs Are Learning to Love Crabs

Despite 80 percent of British crab being exported for sale abroad, increasing numbers of UK restaurants are learning to love homegrown crustaceans. “Crab is far more sustainable than lobster and has a much greater depth of flavor,” says crab pop-up...
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East London

Step Inside the Asian Superstore That Brought Chinese Food to England

With dim sum restaurants, bakeries, and thousands of Asian ingredients in stock, Wing Yip supermarket is a little piece of Hong Kong transported to South London.
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dim sum

Britain’s Dim Sum Trolleys Are Making Their Last Rounds

With the pressures of modern ordering systems and less restaurant floorspace, Britain’s Chinese dim sum restaurants are abandoning the traditional trolley service that sees small hot plates wheeled around dining rooms.
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Catalonia Celebrates Christmas by Beating a Log Until It Poops Nougat

Known as Tió de Nadal, the tradition of hitting a log—adorned with a painted face and red hat—until it shits edible gifts originates from the Aragon and Catalonia regions of Spain.
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Mangelwurzels Make the Creepiest Jack-o-Lanterns

In the Somerset town of Hinton St. George, locals mark Halloween with "Punkies," hollowed-out mangolds or mangelwurzels (a type of beetroot) containing a lit candle.
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