Margot Henderson


Spaghetti with Cabbage and Truffle Oil

By making it rain truffle oil and Parmesan, you'll even impress your snotty friends.
Margot Henderson

MUNCHIES Presents: Margot Henderson

In this short film about the life and work of one of London's most influential chefs, MUNCHIES follows Margot Henderson from her hidden restaurant—the Rochelle Canteen—to the Soho restaurants that helped make her career.
Margot Henderson

Lamb's Tongue, Green Beans, and Green Sauce

Toss some tongues with green beans and sauce and you have yourself a fabulous little meal.
Margot Henderson

Crab with Chives, Spring Onions, Mint, and Ginger

Four kinds of crab + tons of fresh herbs = your best spring dish yet.
Margot Henderson

How Margot Henderson Learned to Love 'Plain' British Food

British food’s plainness is its brilliance. Food that has a giving unctuousness, food that is cooked with love and also gives love—massaging you from the inside out.
Margot Henderson

The Sign of a Good Restaurant Involves You Falling off Your Seat

I once broke a glass table in the Paris Bar in Berlin. At the time, I screwed a high chair in next to the table for my baby and then, crack, it broke. A total nightmare, but the staff were really kind and didn’t make a fuss. That’s the first sign of a...
Margot Henderson

Karaoke and Quail Is a Recipe for the Police

My teenage son was arrested at four AM the other night. I was going to stay at home and cook quail and lentils for everyone, but none of the kids were around so I wound up going out with my husband, Fergus, only to return to my house packed with...
Margot Henderson

Christmas Has a Dark Side

Christmas is the only holiday that excuses professional chefs from their restaurant kitchens to take time off, relax, and revel in cheerful celebrations with friends and family. But for chefs, Christmas can also have a dark side.
Margot Henderson

The Restaurant World Is (Still) Sexist

Time magazine has pissed off the international restaurant world and alienated female chefs in their current issue, "Gods of Food." Chef Margot Henderson calls bullshit. Here's her response to <i>Time</i>, the reality of women...
Margot Henderson