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Brewing Beer Has Always Been a Woman's Game

Women have been brewing beer since the days of ancient Egypt, and it was only after the Black Plague that it fell into the hands of men. Thankfully, women are now reclaiming an industry that was pretty much birthed by them.
Maya Oppenheim

Meet the Regulars at One of London’s Oldest Pie and Mash Shops

F. Cooke pie shop in London has been serving homemade pie, mash, and parsley liquor for generations. “Loads of customers still come in a few days a week,” says owner Joseph Cooke. “We have some in their 90s.”
Maya Oppenheim
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Gözleme and Gungo Peas at a 19th Century Street Market

Welcome to The Last Bite, our new column documenting the survival of traditional food establishments in a ramen-slurping, matcha latte-sipping, novelty cafe-obsessed world. First, we visit London's Ridley Road Market.
Maya Oppenheim

Inside the Secretive Kitchens of Britain’s North Korean Refugees

“There is nowhere in the UK you can buy North Korean food but I cook it for my family at home everyday,” says Lee Min, a North Korean refugee and chef now living in Manchester.
Maya Oppenheim

An Urban Farm Is Teaching Ex-Offenders to Grow Salad Leaves

After recovering from his own addiction problems, Steve Glover set up the Severn Project, an urban farm located on the outskirts of Bristol employing people from socially excluded demographics.
Maya Oppenheim
jewish food

It’s Not a Rosh Hashanah Feast Without Honey

Instead of welcoming in the year with disappointing club nights and surge charge Ubers, Rosh Hashanah lets you celebrate the new year gorging on honey cake.
Maya Oppenheim

This Is What It's Like to Cook Subsidised Meals for British Politicians

In the House of Lords, the unelected chamber of parliament that works with the House of Commons to shape British law, members dine on caviar and saffron risotto—all subsidised by British taxpayers.
Maya Oppenheim
Turkish food

Lahmacun Is Turkey’s Answer to Thin and Crispy Pizza

Despite being a staple of Turkish cuisine, few of London kebab shops choose to advertise lahmacun, a flatbread smeared with minced lamb, tomatoes, Aleppo pepper, onions, and parsley.
Maya Oppenheim

London's Dining Scene Is Killing Off Jellied Eel Shops

Jellied eels have long been an emblem of London's working class cuisine at pie and mash shops—but now they're being replaced by hip restaurants that threaten to put them out of business for good. Apparently, jelly is so last century.
Maya Oppenheim

Eating Alone in Prison Is Miserable

Prison grub tends to be a bit of a mystery to those on the outside. The days of lining for a sloppy ladleful of gruel are mostly over, but if porridge is no longer staple scran for inmates, what do they eat and who do they eat it with?
Maya Oppenheim