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I Cooked an Entire Dinner of Trump’s Favorite Dishes

I look at the meatloaf, haddock hot dog, and Trump Tower Burger and—much like the American electorate—I can’t quite believe what I’ve done.
Michael Segalov

This Underground Stew Cooks Using Volcanic Heat

On São Miguel in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, locals dine on Cozido das Furnas: a meat stew buried underground and cooked using natural heat. “Some people say they can taste the sulphur,” says chef Paulo Costa.
Michael Segalov
Caribbean food

Trinidadian Saltfish and Fried Bakes Are the Ultimate Party Fuel

London’s Notting Hill Carnival is known for its jerk chicken but Trinidadian food is just as intrinsic to the Caribbean-influenced street party.
Michael Segalov

The Best Place to Eat Lobster Is a Beachside Garden Shed

Despite looking more like a garden shed than a restaurant, Hidden Hut cafe on England's Cornish coast serves some of the best (and biggest) lobsters of your life.
Michael Segalov

This Chef Is Turning a Classic French Stew Into Burgers

Bouillabaisse, a traditional stew made with rock fish and vegetables has been enjoyed in the French port city of Marseille for years. Until one chef decided to turn it into a burger.
Michael Segalov
Ice Cream

This Dairy Farm Figured Out How to Make Ice Cream Even Creamier

Cornwall’s Callestick Farm specialises in clotted cream ice cream, a process that sees fresh milk heated and then cooled until the cream content rises and “clots” form. Tasting is believing.
Michael Segalov

The Sea Bass at This London Thai Restaurant Might Stare at You

“It looks a bit scary—a bit of fried fish head staring at you,” admits co-head chef Andy Oliver of the signature whole-fried sea bass at London Thai eatery Som Saa. “But it’s really fun to eat. It’s how they’d serve it in Thailand.”
Michael Segalov

This Brewery Makes Rotten Mangoes Taste Like Exotic Champagne

A Brighton food cooperative is making kombucha and mango wine from rejected fruit. So far, their only waste product is yeast, and they plan to cultivate one of the UK’s first “food forests”.
Michael Segalov

British Farmers Are Ditching the Supermarkets

UK farmers are ditching the supermarkets and selling directly to shoppers through new online organisations like The Food Assembly. Aesthetic specifications are non-existent and you’re free to sell whatever you want for whatever you can get.
Michael Segalov

Blood Custard Tastes Better Than It Sounds

Glasgow chef Craig Grozier is the proud mastermind behind hare blood custard: a dish channelling Scottish produce and traditional cooking techniques. “With Scottish ingredients, just get quality produce and cook it simply,” he explains.
Michael Segalov

Kosher Halal Chili Is Uniting Nottingham’s Jewish and Muslim Communities

A new cafe project sees members of Nottingham’s Jewish and Muslim communities come together to prepare free, weekly meals.
Michael Segalov

This Chef Quit His Restaurant Job to Start a Sustainable Trout Farm

After stints at high end London restaurants, chef Antonio Paladino threw it all in to start an aquaponics farm in Somerset. The sustainable agriculture system combines the raising of fish with the soil-less growing of plants.
Michael Segalov