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Fast Food

What Happened to the Winner of McDonald's $1 Million Flexi-Disc Contest?

In 1989, a 13-year-old boy in Galax, Virginia thought he'd won the real-life golden ticket. His family suddenly had money—but with it, more problems.
Richard Parks

This Book Is a Chef's Love Letter to LA Street Tacos

"I knew there was something special to this, and I wanted to capture it as it was happening because I wasn’t writing things down."
Richard Parks
Los Angeles

LA's Longest-Standing Bartender Has 86'd More Celebrities Than You

We spoke to Ruben Rueda of Musso & Frank's about his views on dry martinis, 86ing movie stars, and DD’ing for Charles Bukowski.
Richard Parks

How a Tiny Red Crab That Looks Like Batman Cured My Hangover

Sometimes tiny crabs aren't the worst.
Richard Parks

How One Ramen Boss Is Blending Texan BBQ Smoke with Japanese Cuisine

Meet the lovechild of Texas barbecue and the Japanese izakaya.
Richard Parks
Fast Food

Why In-N-Out Is Running Out of Those Little Yellow Peppers You Love

This month, many of California’s most popular chain restaurants are facing an unprecedented shortage of a beloved tiny, bright yellow pickled pepper. The sudden scarcity of cascabella peppers has customers complaining, restaurants scrambling for...
Richard Parks

Dry-Rub Oven Babyback Pork Ribs

Not wanting to start Regional Barbecue World War Three, here’s a non-denominational recipe for oven ribs.
Richard Parks

Melting Like a Shave Ice in the Hot Summer Sun

I spotted the "HAWAIIAN SHAVE" sign from down the street and pulled into the gas station. The plastic seat cover from the spa, which had adhered to my skin with an admixture of spray/sweat, ripped as I exited the truck.
Richard Parks

This Airport Winery Is Powered by Jet Fuel and Big Hair

One eccentric Washington State vitner is working on democratizing wine, and he's starting with a winery located next to an airplane tarmac.
Richard Parks
Los Angeles

We Spoke to Jonathan Gold About Being Jonathan Gold

In 2015, we spoke to the world's most beloved food critic right before the premiere of 'City of Gold,' the documentary about his life.
Richard Parks

Fruitcake Is the Most Reviled Holiday Confection in History for Good Reason

Fruitcake is gross, and ugly, and nobody likes it. It's the brunt of late night television jokes and finds itself as a punchline in songs. And yet, fruitcake endures as a staple in the American Christmas culinary tradition. What gives?
Richard Parks
Los Angeles

This Wine Bar Is a Thai Restaurant in Disguise

Wine is an unlikely powerful element of Kris Yenbamroong’s restaurant Night + Market Song, the place that brings authentic, rarified Thai street food traditions to LA. Wine has no place in those traditions, and in Thai food, generally, it has hardly...
Richard Parks