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This Coffee Shop Unionized After an Employee Quit over Alleged Discrimination

Barista unions aren't common nationwide, but workers say they were compelled by the "disquieting" situation.
Tom Perkins

Where to Eat in Detroit's Outer Neighborhoods

Detroit's food scene is one of the country's finest—and it owes its identity to immigrant- and black-owned restaurants.
Tom Perkins

Inside the Detroit Doughnut Shop Founded in Honor of a Hip-Hop Legend

Dilla's Delights is a Detroit doughnut shop operated by the family of J Dilla, the hip-hop artist/producer who passed away only three days after the release of his influential album, 'Donuts'.
Tom Perkins

Detroit Pizza Is the Best Pie You've Never Had

And no, we're not talking about Little Caesar's.
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Backing Out of the Paris Agreement Could Devastate American Agriculture

Lost credibility, trade repercussions, and a lack of voice from policy-making are just a few of the problems agriculture-industry experts are concerned about.
Tom Perkins

Cincinnati Chili Is a Glorious Mess of Meat, Spaghetti, and Cheese

Critics have called it the worst regional dish in America, but for those who grew up with it, nothing tastes quite as good.
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food in prison

Immigrant Detainees Are Staging a Hunger Strike in Washington

The detainees, many of them facing deportation, claim that the food at Northwest Detention Center is meager and nearly inedible.
Tom Perkins

Why Detroit-Area Dive Bars Are Serving Some of the Best Food Around

The pop-ups in the bars of Hamtramck—a tiny, dense, and poor immigrant enclave physically surrounded by Detroit—offer real eating at a low price in a city otherwise short on culinary variety and cash.
Tom Perkins

Food in America Is About to Go to Hell Under Trump

President-elect Donald Trump appears ready to drag the nation back to the days before the Food Safety Modernization Act by rolling back or eliminating many of the nation’s food safety laws.
Tom Perkins
food poisoning

I Got Lunch at Whole Foods and Now I Need to Get Tested for Hepatitis

The Detroit Health Department recently announced it’s investigating a Whole Foods location over two cases of hepatitis linked its prepared food department.
Tom Perkins

How Zingerman's Turned Anarchy and Corned Beef into a $60 Million Business

Zingerman's has been called “the coolest small company in America.” And what fuels the cool? Anarchy
Tom Perkins

Muslim Ice Cream Truck Drivers Claim They're Being Targeted by Racist Police in Michigan

A pair of ice cream truck drivers in Hamtramck, Michigan charge that police treated them "like dogs" after they were falsely arrested and detained for two days without being given anything to eat or drink.
Tom Perkins