Action Bronson

Action Bronson's Hawaiian Getaway

Action curates a barbecue for surfers, plays a show in Honolulu, visits poke purveyor Kahuku Superette, and then whips up some amazing dishes of his own.
Action Bronson

How-To: Make Better Jell-O Shots

Freya Estreller of Ludlows Cocktail Co. shows us how to make Aperol Spritz Jell-O shots so grown up, they're not even in those little paper cups.
Freya Estreller

How-To: Make the Perfect Cheeseburger

Matty Matheson breaks down the science and technique of burger making, and shows us what separates the real deals from the fakes out there.
Matty Matheson
Ice Cream

Make These Boozy Lucky Charm Ice Cream Sandwiches

Look, we love your local ice cream truck too. But they're not going to put whiskey and dehydrated marshmallows in your ice cream sandwich. We are.
Munchies Staff

How-To: Light a Grill the Right Way

Our resident grill expert J. Pereira is here to show us that you actually don't need any lighter fluid at all. Watch and learn from a backyard BBQ master.
J. Pereira

How to Drink Beer This Summer and Not Look Like a Total Idiot

Summer demands the boozy escape that a tropical cocktail can provide, but we also know that beer has its place on the beach, too.
Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø

How-To: Make Beer Can Chicken

It's time to learn how to make the ultimate summer BBQ crowd-pleaser: beer can chicken. Buy a six-pack, use one for the bird, and drink the other five.
J. Pereira

Here Are Some Very Potent Tiki Drinks to Help You Make It Through Election Day

The key to surviving Election Day is tiki drinks, like the Beach Goth from Death + Co. and the Pineapple Royale from San Francisco's Tonga Room.
Munchies Staff
Make this

Don't Underestimate a Spicy Summer Salad

A good rib can be ruined by a gelatinous puck of macaroni salad or watery slaw slithering up next to it on your plate, so remember that it's the sides that make a backyard barbecue memorable.
Munchies Staff

The Best Place to Eat Lobster Is a Beachside Garden Shed

Despite looking more like a garden shed than a restaurant, Hidden Hut cafe on England's Cornish coast serves some of the best (and biggest) lobsters of your life.
Michael Segalov

The MUNCHIES Guide to Drinking in Public This Summer

You're outside, it's hot, you're doing something fun, and you want to get sloshed without getting arrested. Here's how.
Munchies Staff
New Orleans

Nectar-Drenched Snow Flows Though the Veins of New Orleans

Many things divide the people of New Orleans, but the shaved ice treat known as the Cream of Nectar Sno-Bliz might be the one thing that they can all agree upon.
Andrew Paul