This Afghan Cafe Was Forced to Ban Men. Now, It May Have to Close.

Political pressure forced the nearly three-year-old Bamiyan Women's Café to ban unaccompanied men. The staff is not optimistic about what that means for the cafe's future.
Maija Liuhto

How an Afghan Refugee Is Changing Venice's Restaurant Landscape

Hamed Ahmadi now has five restaurants in northeastern Italy's Veneto region and has helped employ many young refugees from the Middle East and Africa.
Marco De Vidi

Meet the Man Who Fled the Taliban and Opened a Thriving Deli

“We only have two problems in this world: politicians and religious fundamentalists.”
Lars Hinnerskov Eriksen

Nation of Immigrants: Bringing Afghan Food to Central Virginia

“I don’t have another home,” Mirahmad Mirzai told the man who threatened him to close his shop in the days after 9/11. “I’m coming back,” the man said. “Your door better be closed.”
Dave Simpson
refugee chefs

Refugees Are Teaching Berliners How to Cook the Food of Their Homelands

The Berlin-based organization Über den Tellerand (“Looking Beyond the Plate”) offers refugees a chance to share recipes from their home countries with Germans.
Prathap Nair
refugee crisis

These Activists Set Up Roadside Kitchens for Europe’s Refugees

Food activism group No Border Kitchen serves thousands of meals to refugees every day, setting up in the street or squats. I join them in Lesbos, half a mile from the island’s ferry terminal.
Mark Wilding

How I Earned $200K Making Spaghetti Sauce in the Amazon Jungle

I don’t own any restaurants, nor have I worked with anyone famous or cooked anywhere with a Michelin star, but I did work as an executive chef in the middle of the Amazon rainforest for a gold mine.
Eric Duncan

This Ex-Marine Now Makes Some of LA's Juiciest Fried Chicken

"I approached this thing the way I would approach anything else as a Marine: I made a plan, I came up with some possible procedures, which in this place meant recipes—and I executed. This is the Marine perspective."
Javier Cabral

War Veterans Turn to Farming to Cope with PTSD

The latest Farm Bill recognizes veterans as a distinct class of beginning farmers, creating a number of loans, outreach assistance, and training programs specifically available to vets interested in working the land.
Lauren Rothman