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Robots Are Flipping Your Burgers, But They’re Not Taking Everyone's Jobs

And our economy probably isn’t going to crash because of driverless cars and barista-less coffeeshops. Probably.
Gowri Chandra
Fast Food

Failed Labor Secretary Nominee Believes Sexist Ads Saved Carl's Jr.

"We saved the company with those ads, we saved a lot of jobs.”
Alex Swerdloff

Wendy's Is About to Make Ordering Burgers Easier for People Who Hate People

Wendy’s expects to have the kiosks in more than 1,000 stores by the end of the year, giving customers the option of skipping human interaction when ordering burgers and fries.
Wyatt Marshall

Trump's Pick for Labor Secretary Once Sued Jack in the Box Over a Butt Joke

Everyone secretly loves a good butt joke. Well, everyone except Andy Puzder.
Jelisa Castrodale

More Than 100 Food and Farm Groups Join Together to Oppose Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick

Now, Puzder’s confirmation hearings have been delayed—for the fourth time—while workers’ and women’s rights organizations continue to protest his nomination.
Alex Swerdloff

Trump’s Labor Secretary Could Be a Disaster for Restaurant Workers

Puzder’s nomination has many food policy and labor experts deeply worried. They say his history of opposition to minimum wage, overtime, and other pro-worker regulations portends a new era of strife for low-income workers.
Alex Swerdloff
Fast Food

Scenes from Fast Food Workers' Protest Against Trump's Labor Pick

Members of the Fight for $15 movement and their supporters gathered throughout the country, most often in front of Carl's Jr and Hardee's restaurants, to voice their opposition to Andrew's Puzder's likely appointment to the position of Labor Secretary.
Munchies Staff

Trump Is Reportedly Considering the CEO of Carl’s Jr. for Secretary of Labor

Andrew Puzder, the CEO of fast food group CKE Restaurants, is also known for commenting that fast food workers will likely be replaced by robots and defending Carl's Jr.'s racy commercials.
Wyatt Marshall