animal cruelty

animal cruelty

Dog Meat Is Being Sold to Unwitting Tourists in Bali

According to a recent report, vendors are brutally slaughtering dogs and then telling foreigners that the meat is chicken.
Nick Rose

Not Ready to Give Up Meat? This Group Says to Go 'Reducetarian' Instead

It's time to rethink the divide between omnivore and herbivore.
Alex Swerdloff

Domino's Terrible Plan to Deliver Pizza By Reindeer Is Officially Dead

Looks like a bunch of Japanese reindeer are once again about to hit the job market. Let’s hope there’s a Shakey's Pizza in Hokkaido that just so happens to be looking to attract some pizza-loving Laplanders.
Alex Swerdloff
animal welfare

Activists Want to Stop the Practice of Eating Live Octopus

Those killjoys over at PETA reason that butchering a living creature and then consuming its still-convulsing limbs for pleasure is somehow cruel.
Charley Lanyon

North Korea Says Dog Meat Is the Next Superfood

North Korea's state-run news outlets are making a point of running multiple stories extolling the health benefits that supposedly come along with consuming dog meat.
Alex Swerdloff

Why France Is Temporarily Banning Foie Gras

The prohibition comes amid reports late last year that the H5N1 virus, which is potentially lethal to both humans and birds, had been found at a chicken farm in the region.
Nick Rose

These Christmas Cookies Will No Longer Be Named After a Bull Slaughtering Festival

The 150-year-old, Valladolid-based Dulces Galicia, maker of the biscuits, only recently caved to growing demands that they change the name of their iconic shortbread-style El Toro Vega cookies.
Alex Swerdloff

Thousands of Vegans Are Trying to Convince Walmart to Ban This Toy

The petition was started by Veganoso, a Toronto-based vegan activist hoping to ending speciesism, who says that a toy livestock trailer currently sold by Walmart is “normalizing the enslavement and murder of animals to kids”.
Alex Swerdloff

Sadistic Pet Owners Are Scaring Their Cats with Cucumbers

Tons of people are sharing videos of themselves scaring the bejeezus out of their unsuspecting pets with cucumbers, but why are the cats so terrified?
Alex Swerdloff
animal welfare

PETA Is Claiming That Whole Foods Lies About Its Animal Welfare Standards

PETA has filed a lawsuit against Whole Foods for its allegedly misleading animal welfare standards, then released a potentially damning pig abuse video.
Alex Swerdloff
shark fin

New York Is Cracking Down On Shark Fin Traffickers

In a historic legal victory, the state has successfully prosecuted a Brooklyn-based seafood company for selling shark fins, a practice which has been illegal for the last year.
Nick Rose

If All Animals Go To Heaven, We Should Eat Them

If there's an afterlife for animals, as some Catholics believe, perhaps we shouldn't be opposed to killing them for food. After all, we'd only be facilitating their trip to heaven.
Rhys Southan