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Anthony Bourdain in Twitter War with David Duke After Accusation of Supporting 'White Genocide'

How much would you be willing to pay to watch Anthony Bourdain beat the shit out of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke?
Alex Swerdloff

Who Is Guy Fieri?

Meeting the man who lives below the frosted tips, and discovering why a little bit of him lives in all of us.
Helen Hollyman

The 5 Best Moments from Our Podcast This Year

We drank vodka tonics with Rachael Ray, we played chicken shit bingo, hung out in an anarchist commune, milked a cow, talked to the dead, and drank martinis with Bourdain.
VICE Staff

We Drank Holiday Martinis with Anthony Bourdain and Talked About 2016

Anthony Bourdain takes time out of his insane travel schedule to meet us in New York's legendary Bemelmans Bar for a piano-side holiday chat. We down enough gin to get heart-to-heart and talk about everything that matters in 2016 and beyond.
Helen Hollyman
Best of 2016

What Celebrities Taught Us About Food in 2016

We made sausages with Seth Rogen, tasted spices with Padma Lakshmi, and tried Dexter Holland's and Danny Trejo's hot sauces, among other things.
Hilary Pollack

Anthony Bourdain Wants to Publish the Next Great Teen Novel

I spoke with Anthony Bourdain and his collaborator Laurie Woolever about YA novels, the hallmarks of a good burger, and most importantly, the duo's new genre-busting cookbook, <i>Appetites</i>.
Ivy Knight

Anthony Bourdain Doesn't Care About Your Artisanal Charcuterie

I spoke to the culinary world’s foremost bullshit detector about the “artisanal” craze, the food media’s role in its perpetuation, and the pros and cons of making everything in-house.
Hillary Eaton
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Inside the Hanoi Restaurant Where President Obama and Anthony Bourdain Dined Last Night

Less than 24 hours after Anthony Bourdain and the President of the United States shared a table at Bun Cha Huong Lien—a traditional Hanoi noodle joint—the place looked like the bitter end of a rager.
Dave Simpson

Drinking the Black Death in Iceland

Iceland's spirit, Brennivín, aka the "Black Death" is a beverage that has never been exported out of the country. One man, however, has found a way to import it into the US so that Americans can sip on the schnapps that tastes more like licorice than...
Kelsey Osgood

Chef Fergus Henderson Made Positivity Cool in the Kitchen

Legendary chef Fergus Henderson didn't only change the landscape of food with St. John. He also inspired a whole new kitchen attitude—one of calmness, respect, and positivity, you shithead.
Josh Barrie

There’s a New Food Movie Out—and It Doesn’t Suck

For all you ungrateful urchins who have no idea what to do for their mothers tomorrow, Jon Favreau is here to help. His new film, <i>Chef</i>, just hit theaters yesterday and it’s got all the fixings for a great mom date.
Kirsten Stamn

Chef's Night Out: Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations takes us on a brass-knuckled culinary tour of New York.
Munchies Staff