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20 Desserts That Make the Most of Fresh Fruit

Fruit out of a can should only be a last resort.
Munchies Staff
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An Apple That Tastes Like a Grape: The Politics of Food

In this investigative report for The Politics of Food, VICE’s former editor-in-chief Adam Leith Gollner looks at the strange story behind how the Grapple came into existence.
Adam Gollner

Apple Pie

Pick a combination of apple varieties for a balance of acid, sugar, and tannin in your pie. But remember that apples must be ripe for full flavor. If the seeds are darkening, the apple is mature.
Tom Burford

The Cider That Comes from Beyond the Grave

Malus Immortalis, a limited-edition cider, is made of apples foraged from an iconic Brooklyn cemetery.
Sabine Hrechdakian

Toffee Apples (Basi Pingguo)

Chunks of apple dipped in batter, deep-fried, and tossed in hot caramel. Oh, and then plunged into an ice bath. The result? A molten apple interior, an icy candy exterior, and a brand new way to fall in love with Chinese cuisine.
Carolyn Phillips

Baked Apples with Mincemeat

Because apples were meant for stuffing and baking.
Fergus Henderson

How to Make Apple Pie Sorbet and Eat All of Your Dessert at Once

There's a chill on the horizon, but we're choosing to embrace it by diving face-first into sorbet. Specifically, apple pie sorbet—a double-whammy of dessert pleasure.
Munchies Staff

These New Yorkers Want to Make Eau De Vie Cool

Using only local ingredients, the tiny Neversink Spirits produces apple brandy (both aged and unaged), gin, bourbon, and pear eau de vie.
Natalie B. Compton

I Went to the Fatherland of All Modern Apples

Nikolai Vavilov, a Soviet-era botanist concluded that the domestic apple had evolved from a species of wild apple endemic to Southern Kazakhstan. Naturally, we followed in his footsteps to the Tien Shan Mountain range in search of wild apple forests.
Ben Reade

Apple Pie Sorbet

Creamy and smooth, this apple-flavored sorbet tastes just like cold apple pie.
Elise Kornack
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Here's How to Make That Amazing Hard Apple Cider from 'VICE WORLD OF SPORTS'

It’ll make your kitchen smell amazing. But look out: When something this tasty is made with everclear, you’ve gotta watch yourself before you get hit like a hockey puck.
Munchies Staff

Why Apple Bobbing Is Actually a Female Fertility Ritual

Apple-bobbing is more than just a watery Halloween game. Throughout history, it has been the dominion of witches, sex, love, and women—an act of enchantment rather than simple pomaceous fondling.
Nell Frizzell