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Meet Year of the OX, the Korean-American Rappers Who Want You to Stop Gentrifying Kimchi

In their new song "A-Zn Foods," the rap duo takes on the appropriation of the foods that they grew up with.
Jelisa Castrodale

Watch the 'Pioneer Woman' Clip that Is Causing a Huge Backlash for the Food Network

In a Season 2 episode, the Food Network star and blogger appears to ridicule a dish of 'Asian wings'—and Asian-Americans aren't happy about it.
Jelisa Castrodale

Chinese Families in Lisbon Are Running Secret Restaurants Out of Their Apartments

I tracked down one of the Portuguese capital’s Chinês clandestinos, the hidden eateries operating from the homes of some entrepreneurial Chinese residents.
Lucy Bryson
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Mrs Chow’s Menu Is So Good It Hasn’t Changed in 40 Years

Welcome back to The Last Bite, our column documenting the survival of traditional food establishments. Today, we visit a proudly old-school Chinese restaurant in West London, headed up by 92-year-old Mrs Chow.
Angela Hui
Make it

This Vegetarian Congee Is Proof That Healthy Comfort Food Isn't an Oxymoron

This twist on the classic comfort dish is delicious and nourishing, but devoid of the outrageous amounts of cheese and/or butter present in most of our comfort food.
Munchies Staff
fortune cookies

Chinese Fortune Cookies Aren’t Actually Chinese

But they do reveal a lot about the history of Chinese food in America. Pretty impressive for a tasteless dessert.
Barclay Bram
Thai cooking

Making Kanom Jeen Noodles Is a Full Body Workout

In southern Thailand, I found out how the traditional rice noodles are kneaded as dough, squeezed through a mold, boiled, strained, and dyed.
Victoria Stewart
Asian food

Making Christmas Wontons and Talking British Chinese Identity

“I’m probably more English than Chinese in many respects but just because you’re born from Chinese parents, you still get stereotyped."
Gareth May

Spam and Wonton Soup Cured My Fear of Canned Meat

Memories of the Spam sandwiches I was forced to eat as a school kid had given me a lifelong aversion to the canned ham—until I tried London chef Emil Tryka’s soup.
Johanna Derry
dim sum

Britain’s Dim Sum Trolleys Are Making Their Last Rounds

With the pressures of modern ordering systems and less restaurant floorspace, Britain’s Chinese dim sum restaurants are abandoning the traditional trolley service that sees small hot plates wheeled around dining rooms.
Angela Hui

The Sea Bass at This London Thai Restaurant Might Stare at You

“It looks a bit scary—a bit of fried fish head staring at you,” admits co-head chef Andy Oliver of the signature whole-fried sea bass at London Thai eatery Som Saa. “But it’s really fun to eat. It’s how they’d serve it in Thailand.”
Michael Segalov
Los Angeles

How Arcade Games Gave a Second Life to My Dead Restaurant

I don’t know if Starry Kitchen would have ever come back if it wasn’t for this concept. Our food—and my banana suit chef antics—goes perfectly with everything that Button Mash stands for.
Nguyen Tran