Restaurant Confessionals

All of the Terrible Things I Learned While Working as a Barista at a Global Coffee Chain

There were mice in the madeleines. There were mice behind the walk-in. There were mice giving birth in bags of powdered frappé mix in the basement.

This Nearly Lethal Coffee Will Keep You Up for 18 Hours

An Australian barista has developed a coffee that promises up to 18 hours of “up time” and contains half of the lethal dose of caffeine.
Wyatt Marshall

Being a Barista Isn't a Dead-End Job, According to the US Barista Champion

“A lot of my old professors were saying, 'This is what you're doing with your degree?’” says Lem Butler, who became the US Barista Champion in 2008.
Dan Gentile

This Woman Sued Starbucks for Putting Too Much Ice in Her Iced Coffee

The complaint alleges that the chain’s iced coffee simply has too much ice in it. Oh, and there’s also this: Starbucks should pay $5 million in damages for causing this inconceivable (alleged) wrong.
Alex Swerdloff

This Man's Starbucks Cup Told Him He Was Going to Get Diabetes

Would you eat a slice of your coworker’s obligatory birthday cake if it were able to telepathically show you how many trips to the gym it would take to work off its fondant goodness?
Alex Swerdloff

Brits Are Choosing Coffee Shops Based on How Hot the Barista Is

A new consumer survey of Britons’ coffee-buying habits has found that a fifth choose where to grab their macchiato based on the attractiveness of the person behind the counter.
Phoebe Hurst

Meet the Former Molecular Biologist Who Fought Cancer and Now Makes Amazing Coffee

Jack Benchakul used to work at some of the world’s largest biotech companies. Now, he makes vanilla-pandan lattes and strives to find the perfect balance of science and artistry to make the best cup of coffee imaginable.
Javier Cabral

How a Starbucks Barista Saved This Man from Certain Humiliation

The seemingly paragon-esque actions of one Starbucks barista in the land of Nippon might just change the way you think about the iconic java jockeys
Alex Swerdloff

These Baristas Are Refusing to Make Coffee with Low Fat Milk and Customers Are Pissed

A New Zealand cafe has been criticised after announcing that it will only serve coffee with whole milk. Co-owner Stephen Mateer explained: “We think [skim milk] builds an inferior match with the product that we roast.”
Phoebe Hurst

Starbucks Is Willing to Pay for Its Chinese Baristas’ Housing

The caffeine behemoth announced recently that it will begin spending millions of dollars to subsidize the housing of thousands of its Chinese employees.
Alex Swerdloff

How-To: Make a Cappuccino

Michael Phillips, Director of Training at Blue Bottle Coffee and 2010 World Barista Champion, shows us how to master this classic coffee drink.
Michael Phillips

A New Report Says Millennials Are All Coffee Snobs

New market research shows that young Brits are drinking less instant coffee, something that could be down to a more discerning coffee palate among twentysomethings than their insty-swilling forebearers.
Phoebe Hurst