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This Pizza Was Made Out of Beer, and It's Actually Pretty Healthy

Now you can drink your beer and eat it, too.
Alex Swerdloff

Why This Craft Brewer Is Giving a Middle Finger to Beer-Making Tradition

Sam Calagione, the founder of Dogfish Head, has never hidden his disdain for antiquated beer-brewing laws, and has instead found inspiration in culinary ingredients and techniques utilized in cooking.
Niko Krommydas

A Brewery Recreated 2,000-Year-Old 'Biblical Beer'

Israel’s smallest brewery took wheat that was the same strain used for beer in the Holy Land 2,000 years ago and produced five gallons of “Biblical Beer.”
Alex Swerdloff

Climate Change Is Creating a Hops Shortage for Brewers

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the extreme and irregular heat experienced last year in Yakima Valley heavily impacted hops yields
Alex Swerdloff

You Can Now Go to College and Major in Craft Beer Brewing

This past decade has seen the number of American craft breweries skyrocket from a little over 1,500 in 2005 to more than 4,144 by the end of November 2015. That’s the most breweries America has ever had.
Alex Swerdloff

Everyone Wants to Get Drunk Off This Avocado Beer

Bush Shack Brewery in Yallingup in Western Australia brewed an avocado-based beer for an Avocado Festival at the Araluen Botanical Park in Perth last month, and the crowd went wild.
Wyatt Marshall

A New IPA Is the Most Bitter Beer in the World

Dogfish Head Brewery says they have made “the hoppiest beer ever documented through scientific analysis.” Their new brew, dubbed Hoo Lawd—the name is said to come from the exclamation you will undoubtedly make after you take your first sip—is seriously...
Alex Swerdloff

Craftwerk: Tired Hands

We meet Jean Broillet, who runs Tired Hands Brewing Company out of Ardmore, Pennsylvania, and "gets a kick out of throwing weird shit into the kettle."
Jean Borillet

Craftwerk: Dogfish Head

Sam Calagione, one the forefathers of the craft beer revolution, invites us to his Delaware brewery Dogfish Head to check out their headquarters and whip up a scrapple-based beer.
Sam Calagione

Guinness Is Ditching a Gross Secret Ingredient and Going Vegan

Guinness’s brewing process has long involved the use of fish bladders, which play a role in the filtration process of the beer. But herbivores, rejoice: Guinness is going vegan.
Wyatt Marshall

Stop Panicking: The US Hasn't Reached Peak Craft Beer

The US is now home to more than 4,000 breweries, and some doomsayers believe that the bubble will soon burst. But don't worry—your craft IPA is safe and sound.
Petey Menz

This Man Says His Protein-Fortified “Fitness Beer” Will Change the World

The Illinois resident and former employee of an insurance company decided to leave everything behind—he says he even turned down Harvard Law School—to bet it all on his undying desire to combine pleasure and pain
Alex Swerdloff