Ice Cream

Meet Beirut’s Ice Cream King, Whose Shop Survived a Civil War

Mitri Hanna Moussa claims that his ice cream shop didn't close "even when bombs were going off.” The oven he uses to bake his cookies is still pitted by shrapnel.
Amy E. Robertson

Palestinian Refugees Are Starting an All-Female Food Truck in Lebanon

As the leaders of two different NGOs, Mariam Shaar and Myrna Atalla are working together in the hopes of empowering the female residents of Lebanon’s Bourj el-Barajneh refugee camp.
Alex Swerdloff

MUNCHIES Presents: Lebanon's Lahmadjun

In this MUNCHIES special, Aris takes us to Ichkhanian Bakery outside Beirut, where Armenians and Syrians make the best lahmadjun in the Levant.
Aris Roussinos

Lebanon's Armenians Remember Their Heritage with Dried Beef and Dumplings

There are around 100,000 Armenians currently living in Lebanon, almost all of whom are descendants of those who fled the 1915 genocide in what is now Turkey. In Beirut, they keep their heritage alive through their food.
Emma Gatten

This Seaside Brewery Is Upgrading Lebanon's Craft Beer Scene

For decades, Lebanon only had one hometown beer to call its own, but a new generation of brewers is trying to introduce drinkers to the world of craft beer.
Sophie Chamas

Migrant Workers Are Bringing a Taste of Home to Beirut

Lebanon’s migrant workers have limited freedoms, make little money, and endure systemic racism. But one Sri Lankan domestic worker is rising above that by training with Lebanese chefs and showcasing her homemade cuisine at an upscale restaurant.
Anna Lekas Miller