How a Prisoner of War Turned this Fussy German Cake into a National Obsession in Japan

While Baumkuchen, or "tree cake," is rare in Germany, it's now found everywhere in Tokyo from 7-11 to fancy department stores.
Diana Hubbell

Inside Berghain's Shockingly Good Ice Cream Parlor

The Berlin nightclub is best known for its decadence, debauchery, and exclusivity, but it also serves a mean scoop of chocolate ice cream.
Kieran Dahl

How a Former Truck Driver from California Became a German Master Baker

Ben Tugwell never thought he'd be running one of the best bakeries in Berlin, especially after moving there without knowing a word of German or having any professional baking experience.
Anna Gyulai Gaál

A Gonzo Journey Through Berlin's Absinthe Bars

Berlin has four absinthe bars. I don’t think that’s nearly enough, as there are 3.5 million people in Berlin. I decided to visit them in one night to see if I, in not becoming a degenerate, might encourage the building of more.
Phillip Turo

What to Eat When You're Coming Down from a Clubbing High

Bring yourself back to life.
Jacob Muselmann
Fast Food Week

Berlin's Best Fast Food is on a Street Shaped by War

How the Middle Eastern conflicts shape the world of German street food.
Philipp Sommer
Last Call

Last Call: One of Berlin's Oldest Cocktail Bars Will Put Chicken Skin in Your Drink

"Drinking a beer at a cocktail bar is like going to a brothel to jerk off in the toilet."
Liv Fleischhacker
Make this

How to Make Perfect Steak Tartare

It's trickier than you'd think.
Munchies Staff
jewish food

How Berlin Got Its First Jewish Food Festival

Nosh Berlin brought together well-known Jewish chefs, historians, and food bloggers to create a celebration of global Jewish cuisine that could not have happened anywhere else.
Giulia Pines

Meet the Singing Chef Who’s Hosting Berlin’s Finest Dinner Parties

Julia Bosski's Polish-infused parties are equal parts dinner and theater.
Barbara Woolsey

From Tattoo Parlor to Punk Bar to Bagel Shop

Schlomo’s Bagels isn’t your typical deli. To start with, its mere existence is something of an anomaly in Berlin, where finding a real-deal bagel is a rare thing.
Diana Hubbell

How to Make a World-Class Cocktail Out of Berlin's Convenience Store Booze

In Berlin, we are fortunate enough to have convenience stores called Spätkaufs that cater to drunks and stoners in the darkest hours of the night. I decided to try my hand at making cocktails out of ingredients that you can gather from the Spätkauf at...
Julius Theis