How Russia Fell in Love with Candy Bars Made of Blood

Many Soviet children grew up loving the sweetness, texture, and slight metallic twang of Hematogen bars—without knowing what was in them.
Mark Hay

How Blood Pancakes and Boiled Meat Keep Traditions Alive

"I know I have a ticking clock in the house next door to mine—my own grandmother—and I know I have to make the most of the time we have left together to learn as much as possible."
Jon Mikkel Eira

Inside the Most Duck-Obsessed City in China

If you're looking for duck, the Chinese city of Nanjing has it all: duck gizzard, roasted duck, cured duck, duck blood, and even salted duck.
Clarissa Wei
New Orleans

How a New Orleans Vampire and a Cajun Chef Made Blood Sausage Together

Self-proclaimed vampire Belfazaar Ashantison met with New Orleans chef Isaac Toups to learn about the intricacies of cooking with blood and partake in some together.
Phil McCausland

The Gruesome History of Fake Blood in Hollywood

A recipe for stage blood has been required for centuries, and several different recipes developed over the years as productions moved from the stage to film to television and now to high-definition, computer-generated sources of entertainment.
Alex Swerdloff

Hormone Released During Sex Could Lead to Less Binge Eating

From making orgasms better to essentially getting us drunk without a hangover, the “cuddle hormone” has benefits that extend far beyond its evolutionary goal of mother-child bonding.
Nick Rose
korean food

Korean Soondae Gets Some Bloody Respect at This LA Institution

A temple to Korean blood sausage, Eighth Street Soondae sits in a tiny strip mall just on the outskirts of LA's Koreatown, next to a barbershop and an incognito marijuana dispensary.
Jean Trinh
the netherlands

I Followed Horse Meat from the Slaughterhouse to the Butcher Shop

As a Dutch chef, I have been raised to believe that there is nothing wrong with horse meat, but it turns out that I know nothing about the proper way to handle it, from the slaughterhouse to our plates.
Jimmy Blauw

How Cotton Candy Machines Will Soon Save Lives

Cotton candy may save your life. Or, to be more specific, it is the machine that makes cotton candy that is the life-saver.
Alex Swerdloff

Is Congealed Pig's Blood Really a Superfood?

Last month, UK tabloids hailed black pudding—a staple of the English breakfast—as a superfood. We called up a health expert to find out if a fatty sausage made of blood is truly good for you.
Harry Sword

Blood Custard Tastes Better Than It Sounds

Glasgow chef Craig Grozier is the proud mastermind behind hare blood custard: a dish channelling Scottish produce and traditional cooking techniques. “With Scottish ingredients, just get quality produce and cook it simply,” he explains.
Michael Segalov
Make it

These Occult Cocktails Taste Like Delicious Nightmares

Make like a vampire and sip on a Nosferatini, or gulp a Bone Marrow cocktail out of a bone. It's time to get wickedly weird with Tony Conigliaro's creepy drink creations.
Munchies Staff