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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Drinking Breastmilk

But maybe never wanted to ask anyone.
Alexis Ferenczi

Breast Milk Is the Blueprint for a New Cow Milk

a2 Milk from New Zealand contains a protein that the company says is easier to digest. They're calling it “the milk that might change everything.”
Lauren Rothman
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Drinkable Weed, Fighting Shrimp, and the Other Edible News You Missed This Week

This week, we got double-buzzed on weed cocktails, delved into the gut-stuffing world of feederism, ate really good pizza in LA—seriously—and watched sea creatures flee in terror from tiny, but dangerous, shrimp.
Munchies Staff

The Breast Milk Black Market Is Strong in the Bodybuilding Community

Despite the risks of disease and bacterial contamination, some bodybuilders are turning to internet-sourced human breast milk in hopes of getting extra-ripped.
Munchies Staff

These West Coast Cafes Are Serving Boobs With Their Lattes

Residents of some West Coast towns are increasingly opting to pick up their morning coffee from scantily clad "bikini baristas." But unsurprisingly, there are some shady overtones.
Hilary Pollack

Tell Me Not to Breastfeed in Your Restaurant and I'll Bite You

Ahhh, breastfeeding in public, that old stretch-marked, heaving, leaking chestnut. It's 2014, but apparently people—particularly restaurant owners—seem to have a problem with it. But why does it bother people to see a baby being fed, particularly when...
Jodi Bartle

Girl Eats Food: Ooh Baby, I like It Raw (Milk)

I hang out with dairy farmer Stephen Hook and his really chill cows to learn about unpasteurized milk, which can treat everything from eczema to asthma—and maybe even my lactose intolerance. Oh, and I also make some breast milk ice cream.
Jo Fuertes-Knight