Letter From ISIS Fighter Complains That Soldiers Don't Get Enough Sandwiches

“Hardly the die-hard jihadi warrior that they like to portray, just a moaning Westerner that’s out of his depth," says the British fighter who found the letter.
Jelisa Castrodale

Shoppers Hoarding Food for Winter Storm Still Refuse to Buy Pineapple Pizza

People stripped their local supermarkets’ shelves of milk, bread, and eggs—but apparently, even panic-buying has its limits.
Jelisa Castrodale

The Welsh Were the Original Nose-to-Tail Eaters

The Welsh have been eating from a nose-to-tail standpoint since year dot. Finances dictated that they had to, it was as simple as that. One beast had to last you most of the week.
Jonathan Woolway
Make this

How to Make the Ultimate Ham and Egg Sandwich

"I felt that the sandwich in Britain needed a bit of help, so I tried to put as much culinary effort into making a sandwich as most people would put into a restaurant main course.”
Munchies Staff

Meet the Foragers Getting High on Mugwort

I joined forager Richard Osmond in search of mugwort, a relative of wormwood, the flavoring agent in absinthe. It’s also known for the inducement of weird dreams.
Gareth May
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: One of the UK's Oldest Greek Restaurants Still Delivers the Dolmas

Welcome back to The Last Bite, our new column documenting the survival of traditional food establishments. For this installment, we eat homemade dolmathes at Manchester’s oldest Greek restaurant.
Kamila Rymajdo

Someone Worked Out How Many Gin and Tonics You Drank This Year

They estimate that the amount consumed equals 1.12 billion gin and tonics across the country, or 28 per every person of legal drinking age.
Daisy Meager
Channel islands

This Couple Lives Your Dream of Running a Tiny Cafe on the Seaside

“You arrive at half seven in a morning, the tide is perfectly calm. I think about the fact I used to take the Tube for over an hour to get to work.”
Robbie Wojciechowski

What It’s Like to Quit Your Indie Band and Become a Restaurateur

Having fronted Hope of the States (a mid-noughties band that disbanded after two albums) and lost “a lot of money for a lot of people,” Sam Herlihy has opened a restaurant in London.
Tom Jenkins

This Is Why Brits Aren’t Eating Tomato Sauce Anymore

A new report from market analysts Kantar Worldpanel has found that sales of traditional condiments including tomato ketchup and mayonnaise are down.
Phoebe Hurst

Eating Every Sausage Roll and Cornish Pasty I Could Find in a Suburban Gas Station

Ginsters readymade sausage rolls and Cornish pasties are a British petrol station staple. I set myself the challenge of eating the entire range of pastry-flaked meat tubes—in a Shell garage forecourt, obviously.
Nell Frizzell

Even This Tripe Shop Owner Hates The Taste of Tripe

“I can’t eat tripe. It’s horrible,” says Anita Clarke, owner of The Tripe and Sandwich Shop in Manchester. “It was like having snot in my mouth.” But how do you come to run one of the country’s only remaining tripe shops if you don’t actually like...
Johanna Derry