British cooking

British cooking

My Smoky Duck Was Too Smoky for Masterchef

The judges told me to make a perfect roast dinner and for me, we would always have something Asian-based, so I did smoked duck.
Elizabeth Allen

How Margot Henderson Learned to Love 'Plain' British Food

British food’s plainness is its brilliance. Food that has a giving unctuousness, food that is cooked with love and also gives love—massaging you from the inside out.
Margot Henderson
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Keith Floyd Changed My Life

Every recipe was the same, and none of the dishes ever looked that edible, but Keith Floyd—broadcaster, bon vivant, born entertainer—changed my life.
Josh Baines

What Happens When You Make Dinner with Fergus Henderson and a 47-Year-Old French Cookbook

London boozer-cum-restaurant The Marksman recently hosted a dinner with iconic St. John founder Fergus Henderson, using his favourite French cookbook—Ma Gastronomie—as inspiration.
Gareth May

This Chef Is Serving Hares in Jugs

Standing in the kitchen of London game emporium The Jugged Hare, chef Steve Englefield opens a bag containing a skinned hare and a teacup’s worth of blood.
Gareth May

Eels Are the Slippery Link Between Japanese and British Cuisine

“Eels are rich in vitamins and give us energy to fight against the heat and last the summer,” says chef Junya Yamasaki as he and James Lowe prepare to cook a dinner that celebrates the fish’s place in British and Japanese cuisine.
Gareth May