Buenos Aires


At Buenos Aires's Off-the-Wall Pizza Shops, Intestines Are One of Many Unconventional Toppings

From blue cheese and octopus to chicken breast and oranges, pizza toppings in Argentina make pineapple look tame.
Kevin Vaughn

Argentine Politician Forced to Apologize for Eating Piece of Bloody, Jesus-Shaped Cake

The religiously inclined did not enjoy watching the Minister of Culture bite into our Lord and Savior's frosting stigmata.
Jelisa Castrodale

The Pizza that Hates Itself

An Argentinian pizza chain called Ugi's has found success by adopting an offensive, insulting social media strategy—to its customers' delight.
Allie Lazar
Restaurant Confessionals

What It's Like to Get Sued by a Waiter

I know it’s just fucking money, but he sued us for so much and we had so many expenses opening a second restaurant. We’re still paying him off in installments.

Meet the Punk Rock Baker Bringing AC/DC-Inspired Bread to Buenos Aires

Salvaje Bakery is churning out wild, 'emotional,' and damn good bread that's shaping the future of Argentinian baking.
Michaela Trimble

Inside the Illegal Natural Wine Bar Run by a French Sommelier

Hidden behind a nondescript garage door in the neighborhood of Palermo, sommelier Nicolas Ronceray serves the country’s best bottles of natural wine.
Valentine Benoist
Stranger Than Flicktion

The Kind of Dinner Heroes Eat

Welcome back to Stranger Than Flicktion, our Flickr-inspired column. We provide writers with five random food-related Flickr images and ask them to construct a fictional short story in under five days. In this edition, a hero's trip to a steakhouse...
Louisa Hall
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: A 106-Year-Old Hippopotamus in Buenos Aires

“If someone came into El Hipopótamo and asked me for a Frappuccino, I’d tell them to go to the Starbucks down the road—or more likely tell them to fuck off.”
Sorrel Moseley-Williams

What It’s Like to Run an Illegal Bar in Buenos Aires

Julián Díaz opened a speakeasy on a $7,000 budget in 2004. “It was also my home,” he remembers. “The bar’s bathroom was also my bathroom so most mornings I’d find vomit everywhere.”
Sorrel Moseley-Williams
Buenos Aires

Blame David Chang for Buns and Ramen Taking Over Buenos Aires

David Chang has a long reach in Argentina, where chefs and diners alike have been swept away by his refined-but-casual take on Asian cuisine at his Momofuku restaurants.
Kevin Vaughn
Buenos Aires

Why It's Taken So Long for Buenos Aires to Embrace the Burger

In a country obsessed with red meat, why did the Argentine capital only recently discover what the rest of the world already knew: that burgers are awesome?
Kevin Vaughn

Argentina's 'Kansas' Is No Place Like Home

In most US cities, the restaurant known as Kansas would be a classier step up from an Applebee’s—but in Buenos Aires, it’s the place to be.
Allie Lazar