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WATCH: Unbelievably Petty Man Calls Cops on Dude Eating Burrito on BART Train

This might be a new low in snitching.
Jelisa Castrodale
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20 Recipes for a Vegan January

Giving up animal products for a month doesn’t have to suck.
Munchies Staff
taco bell

Taco Bell Begins Quietly Testing Burritos Stuffed with Fries

SoCal-style 'California burritos' may be coming to a Taco Bell near you.
Mayukh Sen

My Fried Chicken Burrito Came to Me in a Dream

I realized how dream imprints can be an inspiration for a chef. It’s almost like I’m working in my sleep.
Wes Rowe

Prison Worker Arrested for Trying to Sneak Drug-Stuffed Burrito into Jail

There are smarter, decidedly less sketchy ways to combine your loves of weed and Mexican food.
Jelisa Castrodale
Cultural Appropriation

Portland Chefs Discuss Cultural Appropriation Amid Burrito Cart Closure

Kooks Burritos closed last week after accusations of recipe thievery and cultural appropriation, and the aftershock is still rippling through Portland's restaurant scene.
Brad Japhe
frozen food

A Love Letter to Frozen Food

We never forget our roots—and our roots are Hungry Man Dinners, frozen novelty desserts, and cheap frozen burritos
Munchies Staff

The Essential Mexico Taco Map (Part II)

The taco universe in Mexico is so infinite and diverse that to name every taco from the country would be impossible—but we'll try.
Munchies Staff

How to Make Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Into a Killer Burrito

Use these pro tips from Danny Bowien and Pepe Urquijo, two bicoastal burrito experts, to make your leftovers burrito into a foil-wrapped dream. Ever mixed pumpkin pie into a mole sauce?
Munchies Staff

The Brief History of the Taco Emoji Now Has a Happy Ending

Our smart phones have 14 automobile emojis. So what does it mean in our modern world that there's only one taco emoji out there?
José Ralat
Los Angeles

How Vegan Burritos Are Stopping Hunger in LA’s Homeless Communities

Burrito Project LA started ten years ago when the punk rocker owners of a vegan bar started to get together with friends after work, drink beer, and ride bikes around, giving away the restaurant’s food leftovers in burrito form to LA’s transient...
Javier Cabral
Mexican Food

This Kosher Restaurant Is Changing How LA Values Its Mexican Food

Despite the fact that Mexikosher's menu is 100 percent kosher, chef Katsuji Tanabe is changing how people view Mexican food, one beef carnitas taco at a time.
Javier Cabral