New York

Coffee Shop Brags About Going Green, Gets Fined by the Department of Sanitation

Kerry Diamond was fined $300 for a sign saying that the cafe's Green Canteen program had kept 2,057 coffee cups out of city landfills.
Jelisa Castrodale

Trendy Coffee Shops Are Ripping Off Millions of Dollars from Indie Musicians

Attention, baristas: Blasting your 'Psychedelic Wednesday' playlist over your cafe's speakers is actually lowkey ripping off your favorite bands.
Jelisa Castrodale

Scammer Created Fake Coffee Shop to Get Free Video Games

Oh, the lengths people will go to for free stuff.
Nick Rose

This Might Be the Weirdest Restaurant in America

There's definitely no old Soviet spy equipment embedded inside.
Myles Karp

I Visited Seoul's Most Insane Pet Cafes, from Capybaras to Meerkats

In Korea, you can eat waffles while petting sheep, and some smoothies come with a side of meerkats.
Spencer R. Morrison
washington dc

Here Are the Best Coffee Shops in Washington D.C.

From idyllic garden cafes to while away the hours, to sleek coffee shops with liquor licenses, to java joints with giant cupcakes, these are D.C.'s best spots to get your caffeine fix.
Munchies Staff

Cafes, Croissants, and Peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo

After decades of civil war, the cafe scene in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is slowly beginning to take off, providing both new delicious food options and a sense of normalcy to a conflict-scarred region.
Didem Tali

Starbucks Gift Cards Have Enough Money to Create One of the Biggest Banks in America

To delve into the insanity of this number, consider that Americans now deposit more cash onto Starbucks gift cards than they do into some pretty serious financial institutions.
Charley Lanyon
cat cafe

I Visited the World's 'First' Cat Cafe

Taipei's Cat Flower Garden is often called the world’s first cat café. But business wasn't exactly buzzing when it opened nearly two decades ago.
Clarissa Wei

The Irreparable Loss of Cairo's Street Café District

In the last four years, the Cairo café district known as el-Borsa has been raided by the police for its role in fostering a revolution, as well as its reputation for attracting drug dealers, sex workers, and gay men. In March, it was shut down for good.
Lorena Rios

In Defense of Pumpkin Spice

I reach for my paper cup and let sweet, spicy ambrosia warm the interior of my body. I imagine lying naked in a pile of dead leaves and letting a personified version of autumn ravish my entire body.
Camille Goldberg-Shpall