Fast Food Week

With Few Healthy Options, Egyptians Often Turn to Fast Food

Egypt has the highest rate of adult obesity in the world, and on-demand delivery by both Western fast food chains and local alternatives is only adding to the epidemic.
Edmund Bower

Delivering Bread in Cairo Is a Balance of Life and Death

The handmade bread known as aish baladi is Egyptian staple. In Cairo, its ubiquity is made possible by the network of agalati—bread carriers—who risk their safety to deliver bread to restaurants, ful carts, and street stands.
Lorena Rios
Eid al Adha

Despite High Meat Prices, Cairo's Streets Still Run Red on Eid

During Eid al-Adha, freelance butchers spring up on every street and slit the throats of cows, goats, and sheep with production-line efficiency. But this year the butchers are also figures of resentment among Egyptians, thanks to sky-high meat prices.
Edmund Bower

Drinking Alcohol Is Always an Open Secret in Egypt

Egypt has been brewing beer for 3,000 years, but the highly religious country still has an under-the-table relationship with alcohol. Even some members of the Muslim Brotherhood buy booze on the down-low.
Lorena Rios

The Cairo Chef Who Helped Feed a Revolution

In a tiny alley in downtown Cairo sits Fas'hat Somaya, a small restaurant that's open a mere three hours a day. You'd never guess that its chef honed her skills by cooking for protesters on the front lines of the Egyptian Revolution.
Max Siegelbaum

The Refugee Restaurants of Cairo

Just outside Cairo is a neighborhood known as Little Damascus, filled with refugees who fled Syria after the outbreak of civil war in 2011.
Edmund Bower
Saudi Arabia

How Illegal Homebrewing in Teetotaling Saudi Arabia Changed My Life

I am the founder of The Brooklyn Brewery, but I owe my success in the beer business to an unlikely country, Saudi Arabia, where people have been publicly whipped and sometimes beheaded for producing and selling alcoholic beverages.
Steve Hindy

How to Eat in an Egyptian Prison

Surviving an Egyptian prison is never easy, especially when you have to endure the summer heat during Ramadan. Smuggling food, bartering for ice with bribable guards, and exchanging pot-smoke-filled balloons is just the start.
Alessandro Accorsi

Cairo's Streets Become Charity Restaurants During Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset. Egyptians across the country offer free iftar meals to the underprivileged, and everyone else who wishes to join, in the form of discordant clusters of dinner...
Lorena Rios

The Irreparable Loss of Cairo's Street Café District

In the last four years, the Cairo café district known as el-Borsa has been raided by the police for its role in fostering a revolution, as well as its reputation for attracting drug dealers, sex workers, and gay men. In March, it was shut down for good.
Lorena Rios

Cairo's Koshary Festival Was a Reckless Display of Carbs

In an upscale neighborhood of Cairo, 50 chefs gathered to cook the world's largest dish of koshary—a cheap and carb-filled dish of rice, lentils, chickpeas, and pasta.
Max Siegelbaum

In Cairo’s ‘Garbage City,’ Illegal Pig Farming Is Coming Back

Thanks to a swine flu scare five years ago, Hosni Mubarak's government culled most of Egypt's pig population. But even though pork farming is still illegal, a few bold farmers are attempting to reform the industry altogether.
Adam Ramsey