avocado toast

Oh Great! The 'Deconstructed Avocado Toast Bowl' Is Now a Thing

All for the low price of $12 and also your soul.
Mayukh Sen

Why This Oakland Coffee Shop Refuses to Serve Cops

Since local news caught wind of Hasta Muerte's policy, the cafe’s Yelp page has been locked and its Facebook page is offline.
Jelisa Castrodale
Los Angeles

The 15 Best Strip Mall Food Spots in LA

Our favorite spots to get Szechuan, pho, sushi, dumplings, falafel, ice cream, and so much more.
Munchies Staff

California Bill Aims to Ban Plastic Straws

Restaurant workers could face fines of $1,000 or six months in jail if they offer plastic straws to customers.
Jelisa Castrodale
Last Call

Life Advice from the Legendary Bartender at California's Best Biker Bar

For our new bartender advice column, we spoke to Bay Area legend Gina Parle ("Jeannie") of the Warehouse Cafe, who taught us why mojitos are pathetic and how to go down on yourself.
Laura Mason

California's Cannabis Edibles Just Got Surprisingly Boring

Life just got a lot less interesting for anyone who enjoys pot-infused beef jerky (or ice cream, granola, or nuts).
Elise McDonough
Mexican Food

The Key to Cal-Mex Home Cooking Is a 100-Year-Old Hot Sauce

The West Coast love for El Pato is impossible to miss, so why doesn’t the sauce have a bigger audience?
Tyler Watamanuk

'Raw Water' Is an Expensive Trend You Should Only Try if You Like Diarrhea

The founder of Live Water says that his water will stay fresh for “one lunar cycle” before it turns green. Sounds totally safe!
Jelisa Castrodale
restaurant industry

Six Lessons on Becoming a Cooking Legend from Cecilia Chiang

The 97-year-old woman who introduced Westerners to high-end Chinese cuisine still parties as hard as she works—which is to say, a lot.
Siena Chiang

Woman Caught Trying to Sell $22,000 of Stolen Broccoli Seeds on Facebook

Not the smartest get-rich-quick scheme.
Dave Minsky
MUNCHIES: The Podcast

MUNCHIES: The Podcast: A Love Letter to LA from Best Coast and Lili Hayes

No one is prouder to eat and live in LA than Bobb Bruno and Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast​.
Munchies Staff
In the Belly of America

This Bar Is a 60s Americana Oasis on the Mexican Border

Inside Polite Provisions, an only-in-America kind of place.
Ivy Knight