Scorpions and Tarantulas Crawl All Over Your Coffee at This Cambodian Cafe

Owner Chea Raty started the business with a single iguana, but has since acquired tortoises, bearded dragons, horned frogs, and other reptiles and arachnids.
Jamie Fullerton

Cambodia's Supply of Fried Tarantulas Is Under Threat

The arachnids, a popular street snack in Cambodia, are facing modern perils such as deforestation and overhunting.
Jelisa Castrodale

Phnom Penh's Happy Pizza Left Me High and Dry

I wasn't planning on getting stoned out of my mind when when I stopped by Phnom Penh's Happy Pizza, one of many such restaurants in the Cambodian city. But what should I have expected when I ordered my pie "extra happy"?
Max Winkler

This Iraqi Refugee Family Makes Cambodia’s Best Baba Ghanouj

Muna, her husband, and five sons fled their war torn hometown of Fallujah for Cambodia two years ago. Now in Phnom Penh, the family runs a restaurant recreating traditional Iraqi dishes with a makeshift oven and improvised ingredients.
Nathan A. Thompson

This Former Gang-Banger Is Banging Out Delicious Cubans in Cambodia

“In America I never would have owned my own business,” says Ry Mam, a Cambodian-American who was deported from the US due to his criminal record. In Cambodia, deportees like him are often stigmatized by locals, but Mam has found success in his small...
Brent Crane

Cambodian Ghosts Love Sticky Rice Cakes

On Pchum Ben or "Ancestors' Day," Cambodians believe the ghosts of dead relatives return to earth. They are offered Num Om Saum, a sticky rice cake wrapped in banana leaves.
Nathan A. Thompson
Cambodian food

Meet the London Chef Serving Cambodian Dishes That Escaped a Genocide

With lok lak steak and lemon butter mushrooms, Cambodian chef Thomas Tan is preserving a culinary heritage lost during the Khmer Rouge genocide.
Charles Parkinson
Dog meat

Eating with the Dog Thieves of Cambodia

Driven by poverty and a belief that dog meat possesses medicinal properties, desperate men in Phnom Penh resort to stealing people's pets to make a quick but horrific buck.
Axel Kronholm

Cambodian Peppers Are Now Considered an Elite and Protected Food in Europe

Europeans can now be sure that when they purchase Cambodia’s Kampot pepper they are getting authentic stuff from one of the 342 families who grow it in the tiny Kep province of Cambodia.
Wyatt Marshall

Cambodian Weddings Are an Excuse for Offal and Line Dancing

Weddings are a big deal in Cambodia. In rice-farming villages, people don’t often get to eat five kinds of meat in one sitting or drink until even the most wayward dance moves seem appropriate.
Nathan A. Thompson

Cambodia's Most Debauched Night Market Is a Neverland of Booze and Food

Otres Market is a festival environment of live music, high-quality craft cocktails, and a parade of international cooking skills. It’s where all the black sheep come to live and party from dusk until daylight.
Annie Merkley

Building a Pizza Oven on a Tuk-Tuk Is As Impossible as It Sounds

Three years ago, four friends had a dream to open Cambodia’s first wood-fired pizza oven on a tuk-tuk. Today, after numerous rebuilds and one moped crash, Katy Peri Pizza is a favourite Phnom Penh street food.
Nathan A. Thompson