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These 11 Delicious Hanukkah Recipes Will Keep Your Menorah Lit AF

From cream-filled doughnuts and weed latkes to noodle kugel and short ribs, we've got you covered all eight nights of the Festival of Lights.
Munchies Staff

Study Says Birthday Candles Are Covering Your Cake in Germs

The horror show really begins when you blow out the candles.
Jelisa Castrodale

Freak Accident with Birthday Cake Candles Kills 13 in France

A birthday party turned tragic in Rouen, France over the weekend when a sudden fire gutted the basement bar hosting the celebration, leaving 13 dead and six injured.
Wyatt Marshall

Light Up These Gyoza and Curry Candles for Your Next Dinner Party

One Japanese candle maker based out of Tokyo has just created a line of candles designed to stand in for some of our favorite Japanese foods.
Alex Swerdloff
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Why Are All the Watermelon Videos on YouTube So Freaky?

YouTube is a weird world, and that's best demonstrated through its smorgasbord of crazy, sexy, seriously freaky watermelon-related videos.
Munchies Staff

Edible Chanukah Candles

The great thing about these edible candles is that they're ready in just a couple of minutes and can easily be customized with whatever fillings and spreads you like most.
Marc Salem

MUNCHIES Hanukkah Spectacular: How To Make Edible Candles with Marc Salem

For the third night of Hanukkah, mentalist and thought reader Marc Salem shows us how to make edible Hanukkah candles from pita bread filled with savory and sweet fillings.
Marc Salem