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Make Timballo, the Crazy Love Child of Carbonara and Lasagna

This recipe is like ascending into clouds of mozzarella and achieving true pasta enlightenment. Some things are greater than the sum of their parts.
Munchies Staff

Classic Spaghetti Carbonara

A classic and simple pasta best eaten after a long night of drinking.
Alex Campedelli

Stop Putting Cream in Your Carbonara

Carbonara has egg yolk, Pecorino Romano, guanciale, black pepper, and pasta. Under no circumstances can be there be any other additions, and that goes double for cream.
Mitch Orr
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Make Perfect Spaghetti Carbonara and You'll Be Everyone's New Best Friend

If you want to be the subject of adoration, envy, and respect by all those you encounter, don't worry about that whole smiling, listening, and exuding confidence thing. Instead, make a big batch of this perfect spaghetti carbonara and watch as googly...
Munchies Staff
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The Only Way to Make Carbonara Involves 5 Ingredients

Spaghetti carbonara only requires five ingredients: fresh pasta (if you've got it), rich egg yolks, smoky guanciale, salty pecorino, and a few flicks of fresh ground pepper. That's right—no cream.
Munchies Staff

A Major Food Brand Says You Should Only Eat Its Pasta Sauce Once a Week or Less

Mars' subsidiary brand Dolmio wants you to know that their pesto, carbonara, creamy tomato, and lasagna sauces really aren't very good for you.
Wyatt Marshall

This French Carbonara Recipe Pissed Off All of Italy

The world of gastronomy is one of constant innovation and reinvention. But some things are not up for debate, or even variation, and carbonara is one of them.
Nick Rose

How to Cook Aboard a Swedish Navy Warship

If you think cooking on a warship is no different than cooking on land, just wait until the knives start flying on the rocky seas. One Swedish navy cook shares his experiences on prepping meals aboard the HMS Sundsvall.
Theo Hagman Rogowski