Fluffy Pancakes Recipe

The best you will ever have.
Matty Matheson
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These Pigs in a Blanket Are the Meaty, Carby Breakfast You Deserve

So much more than just delightfully trashy finger food, these pigs in a blanket from Lucky Peach's Chris Ying start with really great pancakes.
Munchies Staff
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Anyone Can Make This Roast Pork Pasta from Scratch

This ricotta cavatelli from Birch and Barley is technically pasta and technically "from scratch." But you don't need a rolling pin, a pasta machine, or a two-year apprenticeship in a famous kitchen in Bologna to make it.
Munchies Staff

Think You Know Wheat? Think Again

The flavor, texture, and overall complexity of heirloom wheat flours are staggering compared to conventional ones. Why aren't we eating more local varieties?
Javier Cabral
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Bake This Samhain Bread Instead of Eating Halloween Candy

Samhain is the pagan celebration of the final harvest before winter sets in. And if you're going to harvest, you've got to make your goods into some lovely, fluffy carbs so that you don't get too drunk on mead and sleep through all the partying.
Munchies Staff

Study Says You'll Smell Better If You Eat Fewer Carbs

A new Australian study shows that diet can affect how much men's sweat grosses out—or attracts—women. Hint: Beware of carbs.
Hilary Pollack

Scientists Have Discovered Why Bread and Fries Are So Addictive

New research from Oregon State University suggests that humans can detect a sixth “starchy” taste.
Daisy Meager
bad breath

Your Super-Healthy Diet Is Making Your Breath Stink

When carb intake drops below 30 grams per day, the body gets rid of organic compounds, known as ketones, through the mouth, a process which can smell pretty gnar to those around you.
Nick Rose

We Spoke to a Woman Who's Addicted to Smashing Her Face into Bread

Meet Bread Face: a girl with 17 videos on Instagram of her putting her face in different types of the carb-laden food. I had to find out why, so I went to the store, bought a baguette, and took a photo of my face in it to send to her.
Allison Elkin

New York Bagels Do Not Suck

David Heti has claimed that New York's bagels are inferior to Montreal's. My opponent’s arguments are laughable, and he should be doubly lambasted for defending a poor product poorly. Montreal is too close-minded to contain our larger bagels.
Joshua David Stein

New York Bagels Suck

No one in Montreal has ever said, “Bring me back a New York-style bagel.” A Montreal bagel is chewy, doughy, and warm. A New York bagel is a utility—a conveyance for some other flavor or taste sensation—and it has no dignity.
David Heti

A Fond Farewell to the Man Who Made Bagels What They Are Today

Daniel Thompson's bagel machine may have changed the way most bagels taste, but it also allowed Americans everywhere to taste them in the first place.
Hilary Pollack