Jamaican food

The History of Jamaica Tastes Like Ackee and Saltfish

Chef Kwame Williams wants more Americans to put down the jerk chicken and give it a try.
Korsha Wilson

Your Coconut Latte Habit Is Ruining the Environment

Bad weather, disease, and neglect mean that Caribbean coconut farmers are struggling to keep up with demand from Britain and the US.
Daisy Meager

How I Went From Being a Backstreet Boy Impersonator to a Sustainable Seafood Chef

Being a fake Backstreet Boy in 1999 meant traveling the world, playing for huge crowds, and even opening for Weird Al. But there's a reason why I gave it up for food.
Tim Tibbitts
Action Bronson

Action Bronson’s Guide to Eating in Jamaica on ‘Fuck, That’s Delicious’

If you want to make like Action Bronson and Meyhem Lauren and go deep on Jamaica's jerk chicken scene, Ital food, and grilled lobster, these are the spots you can't miss in Port Antonio.
Munchies Staff
Action Bronson

Watch Action Bronson Get Wild in Jamaica in a New 'Fuck, That's Delicious' Trailer

After a lifetime of eating Jamaican food on Jamaica Ave. in Queens, it was time to eat the real thing. Action and Meyhem Lauren head to Port Antonio, Jamaica to eat at the birth place of jerk chicken and make a music video for Meyhem's new single...
Munchies Staff
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Gözleme and Gungo Peas at a 19th Century Street Market

Welcome to The Last Bite, our new column documenting the survival of traditional food establishments in a ramen-slurping, matcha latte-sipping, novelty cafe-obsessed world. First, we visit London's Ridley Road Market.
Maya Oppenheim

Why the Best Caribbean Food Comes with a Side of ‘Bad’ Service

In many of Britain’s Caribbean eateries, food rules supreme and service is secondary. “Wha yuh want?” is a totally acceptable and to-the-point way for a server to address their customers.
Anthony Lorenzo

Why Curry from This Caribbean Takeaway Might Taste Indian

“Some people come in and are surprised to see Indian food on the menu,” says David Parey, owner of London Trinidadian eatery Roti Joupa. “They think Caribbean food is just rice and peas.”
Tom Jones

Why Cubans Won't Be Drinking Frappuccinos Anytime Soon

If the coffee behemoth wanted to move in on the coffee market in Cuba, they’d be facing more than just a population that knows its <i>cafecitos</i> very, very well.
Alex Swerdloff
Notting HIll Carnival

This Guy Gets Londoners to Cover Themselves in Chocolate and Dance in the Street

Inspired by slave rebellion against the French masquerade balls of colonial Trinidad, Edison Braithwaite’s “Dirty Mas” celebration sees hundreds of revellers dance in liquid chocolate.
Michael Segalov

Tiki Drinking Culture Has Always Been a Fantasy, But Not an Easy One

The curious fantasy of tiki begins with a young white man not necessarily turning down the American dream, but at least putting it on the back-burner in lieu of something wilder: a dicey dance of cultural appropriation and overproof rum.
Al Sotack

A Jamaican Task Force Is Cracking Down on Counterfeit Coffee

In Jamaica and abroad, unscrupulous hoteliers and merchants are attempting to pass off inferior beans as the country's prized, and pricey, Blue Mountain coffee. But don't worry: a new coffee task force is on the case.
Lauren Rothman