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I Visited Seoul's Most Insane Pet Cafes, from Capybaras to Meerkats

In Korea, you can eat waffles while petting sheep, and some smoothies come with a side of meerkats.
Spencer R. Morrison

Pub Cats Do Not Want to Cuddle You

Amsterdam may have recently opened its first cat café for kitty lovers, but the real pub cats of the city will claw you up if your cross them.
Frans Blokhuis

Who Needs a Cat Cafe When You Can Get Drunk at a Cat Wine Bar?

It was only a matter of time before a felinophile with a big dream and a penchant for booze connected the dots.
Nick Rose
cat cafe

I Visited the World's 'First' Cat Cafe

Taipei's Cat Flower Garden is often called the world’s first cat café. But business wasn't exactly buzzing when it opened nearly two decades ago.
Clarissa Wei

Bangkok’s Alpaca Restaurant Gave Me the Creeps

People don't go to Alpaca View Farm & Cuisine for the food, but they do go there for the insane menagerie of live (albeit self-loathing) animals, karaoke, and holiday decorations.
Natalie B. Compton

The Guy Behind London’s Owl Bar Says You Misunderstood the Whole Thing

After a campaign from incensed animal welfare campaigners, owl bar organiser, Seb Lyall was forced to scupper plans to let a room full of intoxicated humans come into close contact with birds.
Phoebe Hurst

There Was No Cat Hair in My Cattuccino at New York’s First Cat Café

Last week, NYC got it's very first pop-up cat cafe. I wanted to see how food and furry felines co-existed, and if any health code violations were going on. I also spoke with some enthusiastic people who waited in line for hours to stroke kitties and...
Hilary Pollack