This OG Natural Winemaker Doesn't Care About Your Wine

"I always respect other winemakers, but if someone asks me my opinion, I tell them, 'Your wine tastes like you got it from your hole. Your asshole.'"
Jackie Bryant

How Catalonia's Fight for Independence Is Impacting Local Restaurants

"Already, reservations are down and cancellations are up across the region."
Lisa Abend

Falling-Down Drunk and Reeking of Onions at Catalunya's Hottest Cookout

When leaving a <i>calçotada</i>—a Catalan feast of charred spring onions and too much wine—you will be stuffed, drunk, smelly, and covered in soot and sauce.
Astrid Madberg

Jordi Artal’s Potatoes Make Your Potatoes Look Like Garbage

Sweet potato season is in full swing in Barcelona, where chef Jordi Artal of the Michelin-starred Cinc Sentits does a variation on the Catalan classic that'll make your head explode.
Astrid Madberg

Catalonia Celebrates Christmas by Beating a Log Until It Poops Nougat

Known as Tió de Nadal, the tradition of hitting a log—adorned with a painted face and red hat—until it shits edible gifts originates from the Aragon and Catalonia regions of Spain.
Angela Hui

How an elBulli-Trained Pastry Chef Found Himself Making Churros in Bali

Will Goldfarb has been through a bad business deal, cancer, and a 10,000-mile move with his family. Now he's ready to get serious—and weird—about his desserts.
Natalie B. Compton

This Guy Eats Like a King for Free Around the World

Australia-born photographer Shantanu Starick travels the world on other people's dimes, exchanging his services behind the shutter for food, lodging, and transport. He doesn't take a dollar from his hosts, and yet he manages to eat better than most of...
Munchies Staff

Catalan Cuisine Is Not the Same as Spanish Food

Unfortunately, Catalans are not very popular in the rest of Spain, especially in right-wing and narrow-minded circles. And Catalan food is related to other regions in Spain, but it's not the same thing. At all. We're pushing the envelope with new chefs...
Mikel Iturriaga