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Being a Stuntman Has Turned Me into an Indonesian Food Bandit

I’m a stuntman, caterer, and DIY food delivery person. I'm also an Indonesian food bandit.
Steve Tartalia
Restaurant Confessionals

What It’s Like to Cater a Sex Party

Lots of aphrodisiacs, nudity, and tantric massages.

The Beauty of the British Hospital Canteen

Despite funding cuts and back door privatization, the NHS is still Britain’s greatest achievement. And where better to taste that founding spirit of care and social justice than in its communal dining spaces?
Nell Frizzel

Inside the Catering Company That's Giving Refugees a New Life in the Kitchen

Eat Offbeat is a New York-based catering kitchen that offers much-needed employment to refugees. We spoke with reporter Sebastien Malo and filmmaker Liz Mermin, who recently visited the kitchen to report on the company and its staff.
Munchies Staff

That Homophobic Pizza Parlor in Indiana Accidentally Catered a Gay Wedding

Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, told the media back in April that they wouldn't serve food at a gay wedding, but one couple found an obvious loophole.
Munchies Staff

Chicago’s Public Schools Spent Millions on Catered Food But Don’t Know Who Ate It

Chicago's strapped-for-cash public schools have been blowing millions on sandwiches and pizza for office lunches without keeping track of who's spending.
Alex Swerdloff

What It's Like to Cook for Some of the World's Most Powerful People

I've cooked for Ban-Ki Moon, the Queen of Norway, and Kofi Annan. During my time working as a chef for royalty and high-ranking politicians, I've seen a lot of crap.
Stewart Wadden

Why Don't Brits Want to Work in Food Service Anymore?

New numbers show that about 33 percent fewer people are applying for jobs in the UK's hospitality industry compared to last year. What, no one wants free drinks anymore?
Munchies Staff

Meet the Chef Earning $1,000 Per Plate to Cook for Floyd Mayweather

Chef Q—a.k.a. Quiana Jeffries—is personal chef to world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather. I called her up to find out more about the woman behind the champ—a chef who enjoys cooking for womens’ shelters as much as she does filthy rich, eccentric boxers.
Matthew Zuras

Food Is More Than Just Fuel for London’s Homeless

As London’s homeless population grows, the question of how—and what—to feed rough sleepers becomes increasingly important.
Suze Olbrich