Life Hack

Life Hack: Name Your Pet After a Plural Food Item

Waffles. Dumplings. Pickles. Pinto Beans. Why would you even consider naming your pet anything else?
Hannah Keyser

Grumpy Cat, Who Is Richer than You'll Ever Be, Awarded $710K in Coffee Lawsuit

The serially surly cat's brand has raked in an estimated $100 million since she became an internet sensation.
Jelisa Castrodale

Pub Cats Do Not Want to Cuddle You

Amsterdam may have recently opened its first cat café for kitty lovers, but the real pub cats of the city will claw you up if your cross them.
Frans Blokhuis

Supermarket Manager Caught Embezzling $21,000 Says Money Was 'for His Cat'

The man reportedly explained to the judge presiding over Vienna's regional court that he stole the money because he was the owner of a purebred cat that desperately required a large sum of money to be taken care of properly.
Alex Swerdloff
cat cafe

I Visited the World's 'First' Cat Cafe

Taipei's Cat Flower Garden is often called the world’s first cat café. But business wasn't exactly buzzing when it opened nearly two decades ago.
Clarissa Wei

50 Cent Used His Cat to Promote His Vodka and People Are Pissed

50 Cent staged an Instagram post wherein his cat appears to drink vodka from a martini glass—which, in actuality, could be very dangerous for your pet.
Wyatt Marshall

Sadistic Pet Owners Are Scaring Their Cats with Cucumbers

Tons of people are sharing videos of themselves scaring the bejeezus out of their unsuspecting pets with cucumbers, but why are the cats so terrified?
Alex Swerdloff
the internet

Why Are All the Watermelon Videos on YouTube So Freaky?

YouTube is a weird world, and that's best demonstrated through its smorgasbord of crazy, sexy, seriously freaky watermelon-related videos.
Munchies Staff

A Greedy Russian Cat Spoiled $1,000 Worth of Fine Seafood

Earlier this week, a stray Russian cat inhabiting the Vladivostock airport snuck into the airport's delicatessen and hit its fish counter hard, resulting in a grand's worth of wasted seafood.
Lauren Rothman
exotic meats

When They Ate the Zoo, Nobody Wanted to Touch the Hippo

Amid the bombardments, famine, and extreme state of emergency during the Siege of Paris in 1870, Parisians demanded haute cuisine. That Christmas, one of the city's greatest chefs, Alexandre Étienne Choron, cooked an elaborate banquet meal of...
Lars Eriksen