'Single-Origin Milk' Is for People Who Want to Know Their Cows

“One might be creamy and taste like ice cream, while other bottles might be very fresh or sweet,” Matthijs Baan writes.
Lauren Rothman

Mass Cattle Deaths Lead to State of Emergency in California

Emergency landfills are considered “a disposal method of last resort” during the West Coast's brutal wave.
Nick Rose

The Cows of the Future Could Be Genetically Altered to Be Heat-Resistant

Hopefully, they will also fart and burp less.
Nick Rose

Cows in Switzerland Could Be Given Acupuncture Instead of Antibiotics

Following the World Health Organisation’s warning that the overuse of antibiotics in meat causes antimicrobial resistance in humans, Swiss vets are trialling alternative medicine.
Daisy Meager

This Story of a Huge Skittles Spill on a Freeway Just Keeps Getting Weirder

A Mars spokesperson had no idea how the thousands of defective candies ended up in a cardboard box on the back of a truck more than 150 miles away.
Jelisa Castrodale

This 100-Percent Wagyu Beef Comes From Chocolate-Eating Cows

Mayura Station is known for wagyu beef with snowflake-like marbling and buttery flavor—and for the fact that it feeds its cows Cadbury chocolate.
Kate Springer

Scientists Are Developing Grass That Stop Cows from Burping

Researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark are inventing a grass that is easier for cows to digest, meaning less methane is released into the environment.
Daisy Meager

The Controversial Plan to Kill 45,000 Wild Horses to Make Room for Cattle Farming

It’s pretty clear that an answer that will please all parties seems nowhere in sight. In the meantime, 45,000 wild horses are anything but free, and their lives hang in the balance.
Alex Swerdloff
south america

How a Cleaning Lady Became One of Argentina’s Only Female Grill Chefs

In Argentina, cooking asado barbecue is a guy job—women get to dally about with lettuce and wash up. But at a restaurant in Mendoza, lady griller Virginia Lázaro is changing all that.
Sorrel Moseley-Williams
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Lancashire’s Only Surviving Raw Milk Cheesemakers

Most of the cheese sold in the UK is single curd but Mrs Kirkham’s make double curd: a blend of young “alive” curds and two-day old richer, nuttier curds. Combining the two matures the cheese and deepens the flavour.
Gareth May

Cattle Farmers Are Fighting Climate Change With Fart-Collecting Backpacks for Cows

Some Argentine cattle farmers have outfitted their cows with backpacks that act as containers—for cow farts.
Alex Swerdloff

You Don’t Need a Mountain to Make French Alpine Cheese

Reblochon is an oozy, cow’s milk cheese from Savoy in the Western Alps. But on a farm in Oxfordshire, cheesemakers Antony Curnow and David Jowett are making their own Anglicised version—and it might taste even better.
Chloe Scott-Moncrieff