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Chilean Man Paid for New Android Phone with 127 Pounds of Avocados

And they said avocado toast is a waste of money. Who's laughing now?
Jelisa Castrodale

That Hot Dog App from 'Silicon Valley' Is Real, and Yes, It Works

We no longer have to live in a state of constant confusion as to whether what we're looking at is, in fact, a wiener.
Jelisa Castrodale

For Refugees, Internet Access Has Become as Important as Food and Water

The report, which looked at data from 44 different countries, found that Internet access has become “as vital to them as food, water, or shelter” for many refugees.
Nick Rose

Report Says Canadians Are Obsessed with Looking at Food on Their Phones

We aren’t looking to technology just to figure out what to eat; we are also using it to decide where to eat and who to eat with, even if that means just staying in for some pho and chill.
Jessica Scott-Reid

This Hot Pot Table Forces People to Turn Off Their Cell Phones

By allowing diners to power a heating element with their cell phones, the IKEA table essentially forces them to choose between eating and tweeting.
Nick Rose

Your Smartphone Ruined My Dinner

We all know it's rude. But the burning desire to fiddle with your phone during a meal is more than just a dining faux pas. As we ignore our companions we're also ignoring the food itself—just mashing glass screens while we let it go cold.
Nina Joyce

Charging Your Cellphone at a Restaurant Is Rude

Modern technology has completely revolutionized the dining experience in a myriad of positive ways. But please, stop asking us to charge your cell phones in the restaurant or bar.
Tae Yoon