This Is What a 100-Day-Old Cheeseburger Tastes Like

Belcampo Meat Co.'s "Century Burger" has a beautiful flavor, but probably not what you would expect after hearing that the beef is 100 days old.
Javier Cabral

Google Leans Into Emoji Controversy by Serving 'Android Burger'

It's almost as if the cafeteria at Google HQ took pride in their egregious mistake in burger formatting.
Jelisa Castrodale

Google Promises to Address Glaring Problem with Cheeseburger Emoji

Will they take this opportunity to resolve the logistical issues with their beer emoji, too? Only time will tell.
Jelisa Castrodale

How-To: Make the Perfect Cheeseburger

Matty Matheson breaks down the science and technique of burger making, and shows us what separates the real deals from the fakes out there.
Matty Matheson

Restaurant Doesn't Really Understand Why Its 'Uncle Tom' Burger Is a Problem

But the Australian eatery is holding a “Rename the Most Offensive Burger in Australia” contest anyway.
Jelisa Castrodale

Wendy's Is About to Make Ordering Burgers Easier for People Who Hate People

Wendy’s expects to have the kiosks in more than 1,000 stores by the end of the year, giving customers the option of skipping human interaction when ordering burgers and fries.
Wyatt Marshall

This Cheese-Stuffed Burger Is an Edible Piece of Minneapolis History

The Jucy Lucy—also spelled "Juicy"—is nothing more than the perfect marriage of beef and cheese in Minneapolis, where two different bars claim to have invented it.
Yasin Mohamud

The Only Way to Make an In-N-Out Burger Better Is to Deep-Fry It

There is no better way to warm up a cold In-N-Out burger. All the veggies remain crisp. It remains neat, and the entire thing is surprisingly light.
Sean O’Toole

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Get Weird with Burgers

A burger can be as glorious as a long tasting menu as long as you think of a burger as being more of an experience and less as something just between two buns.
Ted Hopson

These Cheeseburgers Cosplay As Edible Anime Characters

Call it edible anime or call it an act of brilliance, but it turns out that if you dress up your food to look like your favorite anime characters, customers will come in droves.
Javier Cabral
Fast Food

I Feel Sorry for Your Kale Salad While I Eat My Double Cheeseburgers

I blame sitting on my dad’s car bonnet at age eight, scrapping with my sisters over who got the last KFC drumstick in the bucket, brandishing gnawed bones at each other like Game of Thrones extras who got left out of some hard-earned flaying.
Ella Walker

This Giant Food Art Will Change the Way You Look at Pizza

Artist Peter Anton makes giant renderings of all of your favorite foods, and now he's created a temple where you can worship at the altar of chocolate cake and pizza.
Hilary Pollack