This Is What Happens When an Italian Cheesemaker and Brewer Get Drunk

When the two families behind Italy’s oldest brewery and famed Turin cheesemakers Botalla came together for a boozy dinner, Italy's first beer cheese was born.
Johanna Derry

These Artisanal Cheese Producers Are Making a Difference in Kenya

Brown's Cheese started as an exercise in independence 35 years ago, and now it's one of the only artisanal cheesemaking operations in East Africa, churning out mascarpone, feta, cheddar, Camembert, Brie, halloumi, Parmesan, and more.
Diana Hubbell

America, Your Favorite Cheese Is Canadian

Last week at the American Cheese Society's annual competition, a Canadian cheesemaker took home "Best of Show" with a buttery wheel of blue. For shame, America!
Munchies Staff

I Went to the Oscars of Canadian Cheese

Every two years, cheesemakers from across Canada vie for the title of Canada's best cheese at this awards show where winning doesn't just mean bragging rights, it means skyrocketing sales.
Karon Liu

Comté Is a Bad-Ass Cheese Aged in Old Military Bunkers

During France’s many wars, bunkers housed the artillery and weapons for armies. Now, they are the perfectly chilly aging houses for the coveted Comté—a stoner’s wet dream on the joy ride of flavor explosion.
Charlotte Kamin

Transhumance Is a Cheesy Way of Life

Sometimes there are fancy terms in cheese-speak that sound real cool but people have no idea what they actually mean. In the meantime, we shall focus our desires on learning about this trippy sounding term: Transhumance.
Charlotte Kamin