The Inventor of the Chili’s Baby Back Ribs Song Has Never Eaten Their Ribs

We spoke to Guy Bommarito, the Don Draper of the 90s who created the catchiest meat-related commercial jingle of all time—and the story behind it is fascinating.
Hilary Pollack

Cold Ramen

The perfect late night snack that's also a refreshing meal.
Richie Nakano
chain restaurants

Chili's Faces Backlash for Taking Back Free Meal From Black Veteran on Veterans Day

It all started when an elderly customer wearing a Trump shirt allegedly approached Walker and his service dog, then told the restaurant’s manager that Walker was not a veteran because he believed “no black soldiers” served in Germany and because Walker...
Alex Swerdloff

This Is Why Brits Aren’t Eating Tomato Sauce Anymore

A new report from market analysts Kantar Worldpanel has found that sales of traditional condiments including tomato ketchup and mayonnaise are down.
Phoebe Hurst
chili pepper

How Understanding the Genetic Past of Peppers Can Make the Future Better

New genetic studies are shedding more light on the fiery fruit that has been the source of our species’ ambivalent relationship with heat and food.
Nick Rose

Copenhagen Is the World Capital of Weird Frankenfoods

A wanton mixing of cuisines—a single menu containing Chinese, Thai, and frikadeller (Danish meatballs)—is everywhere on Copenhagen's Amager district.
Lisa Abend

Paris's Falafel Rivalry Is a Full-Blown Food War

A ruthless battle is being fought in plain sight: Who, between L’As du Fallafel or Mi-Va-Mi, is the best dealer of chickpea patties in Paris—or should we say, the world?
Sarah Koskievic

Drunken Fish

Xiaoxing wine gets this beautiful fish crunk with a spicy lemongrass-chili paste, garlic confit, and black bean sauce.
Angela Dimayuga

It’s Official, No One Really Likes Using iPads to Order in Restaurants

A new report has found that most of us are pretty ambivalent about technology in restaurants, with 37 percent of British adults saying they prefer to eat out in a tech-free environment.
Phoebe Hurst

The Best Drunken Snack of Your Life Is Served in a Black Plastic Bag

Buzzed, I fondled the contents of the mysterious bag. There was definitely a hard boiled egg in there, and a paper-wrapped package of something, and a tiny spoon. Faustine and the rest of the group called the secretive snack nasi jinggo and told me...
Natalie B. Compton

Restaurant Patrons Are Worried About Being Spied on Through iPads

Some diners at chain restaurants are developing conspiracy theories after noticing that ordering tablets are equipped with cameras. Is our waiter listening to us complain about our chicken tenders?
Munchies Staff
sugar babies

The Sugar Babies Guide to Suburban Eating

Tammy is a 29-year-old sugar baby who lives in Richmond, Virginia, and enjoys having her sugar daddies take her out to America's tried-and-true chain restaurants. Need a girl to go to Outback with? This girl is all about the bloomin' onions.
Karley Sciortino