Fast Food

Why McDonald’s Is Suing This Italian City for 18 Million Euros

What has Florence done to anger the global burger chain?
Phoebe Hurst

This Inner City McDonald’s Is Decorated with Fake Graffiti and People Aren’t Happy

McDonald’s’ new graffiti-inspired decor scheme has been branded as “offensive” and “poorly thought through” after being introduced in one of its London restaurants.
Phoebe Hurst

My Baja Restaurant Doesn't Pamper Its Vegetables

The degustation menu at Corazón de Tierra is all about tasting Ensenada. The customer goes into a journey of cereals, vegetables, seafood, fish, poultry, game meat, etc. It sounds delicious? Yes it does. It sounds easy? Of course it does. But it’s...
Diego Hernández Baquedano

Sheffield’s Traditional Market Stall Traders Are Still Standing

Since the closure of longstanding indoor market Castle Market in 2013, Sheffield’s fresh produce and street food traders have had to relocate and adapt to the city’s continually evolving food scene.
Daniel Dylan Wray

A Granny-Run Cafe Housed in a Former Public Toilet Has Been Forced to Close

A comfort food cafe staffed by “nanas” adrift from Clapton’s regenerated dining scene has closed after disagreements with a preservation trust and the council.
Phoebe Hurst
New York

This Weekend, We Partied with the Franks and a Bunch of Very Talented Instagrammers

This past Saturday, October 25, we had 28 star photographers of the Instagram world attend our Being Frank: Peru screening party in New York's West Village. And the lighting was as amazing as the food.
Munchies Staff