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How a Suburban CA Cafe Got Their Hands on the World's Most Expensive Coffee Beans

Elida Geisha Natural set a new record, selling at auction for $803 per pound.
Sara Ventiera

Coffee Roasters Are Facing Serious Health Risks, CDC Says

Working at a hip coffee roastery might have some unexpected pitfalls.
Nick Rose
Restaurant Confessionals

All of the Terrible Things I Learned While Working as a Barista at a Global Coffee Chain

There were mice in the madeleines. There were mice behind the walk-in. There were mice giving birth in bags of powdered frappé mix in the basement.

The Life and Death of Portland’s Bike-Powered Coffee Roaster

Portland is known for bikes, coffee, and hipsters. If you put those three things together, you get a charm-oozing café fueled by a bicycle-powered, wood-fired coffee roaster.
Jack Rushall

Thailand's New Generation of Coffee Producers Is Going Farm-to-Cup

Coffee is a relatively young industry in Thailand, but its lack of a strong export market means the small and scrappy industry is fueled by a high domestic demand for premium beans.
Dan Gentile
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Half the World’s Coffee Growing Regions Could Be Gone By 2050

A new report from The Climate Institute in Australia sounds the alarm that coffee as we know it—cheap, ubiquitous, and largely taken for granted—could become a precious commodity in the future.
Wyatt Marshall

Why You Should Be Freezing Your Coffee Beans

It is now scientifically proven that simply by chilling your beans before grinding, you can make a superior cup of coffee.
Alex Swerdloff

Millennials Are Very ‘Emotional’ About Buying Coffee

A recent online survey, which looked at more than 900 millennials’ coffee buying habits, found that coffee is about way more than just beans and price.
Nick Rose

Juvenile Delinquents Are Trading Crime for Coffee at This Rotterdam Cafe

In Rotterdam, a new cafe is helping young men turn away from lives of crime by giving them jobs roasting and serving coffee. But this ain't charity—they're making legitimately great coffee.
Frans Blokhuis

A Bristol Rave Was Nearly Ruined By Coffee Rust

Organisers of the world’s first coffee rave have had their supply of beans depleted due to “coffee rust,” a fungal disease destroying coffee plants in the Dominican Republic.
Gareth May

This Man Is Making Brownies from Discarded Coffee Bean Pulp

A former Starbucks technical services director has found a way to mill flour from discarded coffee bean shells. If successful, “CoffeeFlour” could be a new source of income for producers in Nicaragua, Mexico, and Vietnam.
Josh Barrie

Coffee Beans Have Their Own Class System

Robusta coffee beans have been dogged by deep, long-standing prejudice in the java industry. One London company is hoping to spearhead a revival because global warming and increased international demand means quality coffee supplies can't come from...
Merlin Jobst