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My Shameful but Passionate Love Affair with Boil-in-Bag Rice

My Latin grandma would roll over in her grave if she knew that I was sneaking around with instant Uncle Ben's.
Ian Burke

Meet the Women Building Colombia's Female-Led Resistance Through Food

“It’s a cycle. We get help, then we help others. That’s how things can change—and one of these changes is me.”
Laurence Cornet

A Beginner's Guide to All of the Amazing Fruit in Colombia

How to navigate produce in a country that grows just about everything.
Aaron Kase

How Coca Leaf Became Colombia’s New Superfood

At the Embajada de la Coca, the green leaf is being restored to its rightful place as a powerful medicinal plant and super-nutrient that should be revered instead of reviled.
Ocean Malandra

Inside the Colombian Kitchen That's Making Rebels and Soldiers into Chefs

Former FARC guerrillas work right alongside demobilized Colombian army soliders in the kitchens of Juan Manuel Barrientos' acclaimed restaurants in Medellín and Bogotá, where the chef tries to sew peace through cooking.
Laura Dixon
hangover cure

The Hangover-Curing Soup That Brings Colombia's Drunks Back from the Dead

The Saturday before Halloween, Bogotá's El Caldo Parao is rammed with costumed revelers who have all come for one thing: a beef rib soup that's been soothing hangovers for 25 years.
Joe Parkin Daniels

From the Tribe to the Table in the Colombian Amazon

Chef Cielo Gomez has spent the better part of a decade in the Tres Fronteras region of the Amazon, learning recipes from several indigenous tribes that she incorporates into her menu at El Cielo.
Ocean Malandra

In South America, Ceviche Is About More Than Just Fish

The iconic dish, originally based on seafood and citrus, can be found all up and down the continent. But some restaurants are swapping out fish for vegetables, soy, and alligator.
Aaron Kase

Colombia’s Pacific Cuisine Is the Best Latin Food You've Never Tried

Colombia’s vast Pacific coastline, known as the Pacifico, is one of the purest expressions of Afro-Latin culture in the Americas, and its cuisine merges richly spiced seafood dishes with the bounty of the rainforest.
Ocean Malandra

On the Booze-Filled Bus Where Colombians Go to Party

The open-air, rattletrap <i>chiva</i> buses of Cartagena were once used to transport produce and animals, but now they're basically mobile bars fueled by on-board DJs and plenty of <i>aguardiente.</i>
Nick Pachelli

South America's Coffee Mecca Is Bouncing Back

“Colombia is more than just war and drugs,” a young man tells me when I visit his grandfather's coffee plantation. Realizing this, tourists have been visiting by the droves, and that's great news for Colombia's coffee growers.
Nima Green

Inside the Colombian Coffee Plantation That's Run Entirely on Water

La Victoria was founded in 1892 and still uses water to power a Rube Goldberg-like collection of pipes to bring coffee berries in from the fields, sort them, and move them between the different stages of production.
Aaron Kase