competitive eating

competitive eating

China's 'Spicy King' Contest Submerges Competitors in Vats of Chiles

Who doesn’t want to take a pleasant dip in a searing vat of chiles?
Alex Swerdloff
competitive eating

How to Competitively Eat Almost Anything

Joey Chestnut, one of the world's greatest competitive eaters, shows us his techniques for wolfing down pizza, wings, hot dogs, eggs, and more.
Hilary Pollack
competitive eating

Kale Is the Next Frontier for Competitive Eating

Some of the best competitive eaters in the world will soon face off in Buffalo, NY and stuff their faces with as much of the leafy green as they can.
Wyatt Marshall
competitive eating

How to Get 10,000 Wings from the Fryers to the Faces of Competitive Eaters at the Wing Bowl

Prepping the world's biggest chicken-wing-eating contest means handling a lot of meat, a lot of sauce, and a lot of deep-frying in the middle of the night.
Danya Henninger
competitive eating

We Spoke to the Model Who Smashed a Burrito Eating Challenge

Former Miss Earth New Zealand winner Nela Zisser shocked the internet this week when a video emerged of her demolishing a 5 lb burrito in less than five minutes. Her secret? Endurance and technique.
Abby Moss
competitive eating

Britain's Biggest Breakfast Almost Killed Me

I went to the Wonder Café to take on its infamous breakfast challenge: four fried slices of bread, four slices of toast, four eggs, six sausages, six rashers of bacon, six hash browns, four black pudding, plum tomatoes, beans, and mushrooms with a catch.
Gareth May
competitive eating

Mick Foley Just Got Disqualified From the Wing Bowl for Stuffing His Fanny Pack

Ex-WWE Wrestler Mick Foley—aka Mankind—has been publicly shamed for cheating and stuffing uneaten wings into his fanny pack at the 23rd annual Wing Bowl.
Hilary Pollack
stupid ideas

English Idiots Hold Annual Stinging-Nettle Eating Contest

A stinging nettle is basically just a green pole with thousands of tiny knives attached to it. For reasons that aren't totally clear, a town in England has a contest once a year to see who can stuff the most of these torturous stalks down his or...
Mark Hay