food waste

Having a Compost Bin Makes You Care Less About Food Waste

A new study suggests compost bins aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.
Daisy Meager

MUNCHIES: The Podcast: How Weed and Anarchy Inspire This Chef

On the latest episode of 'MUNCHIES: The Podcast' we head to the anarchist freetown of Christiania to chat with world-renowned chef Matt Orlando about why Copenhagen continues to lure the best culinary talent.
Helen Hollyman

Beer Tastes Better in the Shadow of a Swedish Castle

Hvita Hjorten, a lakeside restaurant near the medieval Läckö Slott castle in eastern Sweden, started brewing its unusual parsnip beer after ending up with a glut of the vegetables last year.
Nell Frizzell

I'm in an Open Relationship with My Compost

There were two weeks where I didn’t turn her because I was pissed off at her. I turned her last week. You can’t believe how much it stresses me out if I don’t turn her. I seriously think about her every day.
Matt Orlando

This Food Bank Is Using Compost from an Illegal Cannabis Farm

Sixty bags of compost seized by Welsh police after a raid on an illegal cannabis farm have been donated to a local charity. Volunteers are using the fertiliser to grow produce that supplies its food bank.
Phoebe Hurst

Seattle Will Now Shame You If You Try to Throw Away Food

A new law in Seattle fines and literally bestows a scarlet letter upon citizens and businesses who don't compost their pizza crusts and Sriracha-smeared napkins.
Hilary Pollack

An Abandoned Rotterdam Water Park Is Now a Mushroom Farm

Two men have turned a sad, abandoned Rotterdam water park into an oyster mushroom farm, using the center's old damp, dank dressing rooms to hang bags of old coffee grounds for the mushrooms to grow in.
Felicia Alberding

In Today’s Landfills, Food Is Embalmed for Decades at a Time

Food waste that is thrown into landfills has a dreadful effect on the environment. As rotting food decomposes it releases methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. That's not the case with organic food matter in landfills...
Lauren Rothman