This College Course Teaches Students About War and Peace Through Food

Field trips to restaurants that serve food from other nations shows that breaking bread is about more than just, well, bread.
Matthew Kruchak

This Beijing Restaurant Delivers Noodles Via Fighter Jet

In the endless sea of China's gimmicky restaurants, the latest stands out for its militaristic patriotism: Diaoyu Islands Malatang Noodle Shop is themed around a chain of islands fiercely claimed by both China and Japan.
Jamie Fullerton
middle east

This Israeli Cafe Is Giving Free Hummus to Jews and Arabs Who Eat Together

Following Israel’s recent upsurge of violence that has seen eight Israelis and more than 40 Palestinians killed, a cafe in the coastal city of Netanya is offering special discounts to Jews and Arabs who dine together.
Phoebe Hurst

South Sudan Is Exporting Coffee for the First Time

Nespresso and non-profit organisation TechnoServe are working revive the East African country’s coffee industry after nearly two years of brutal civil war. The first South Sudanese coffee will be exported for sale in France this month.
Phoebe Hurst

Should the World Be Funding Food Aid to North Korea?

Millions of North Koreans remain under-nourished while Pyongyang continues its nuclear programme and startling array of status projects. But is foreign food aid the most valuable response?
David Whelan

Fishing for Survival in Gaza City

In the 1990s, Palestinian fishermen were able to sail 20 nautical miles to catch a diverse haul of seafood. Today, the tensions between Israelis and Hamas have limited their fishing range to three miles from shore, where biodiversity is scarce.
Ashley Gallagher

What Happens During an Airdrop?

Unless you've been entirely disengaged from the news over the last few days, you'll have read about the desperate situation in Iraq. Basic aid is being given—via airdrops—to thousands of Iraqis in Mount Sinjar who are hiding in the mountains from...
Eleanor Morgan

Patacon de Pernil

This Venezuelan sandwich replaces bread with fried green plantains, stuffed with pork and wasakaka sauce.
Jonathan Hernandez

Palestinian Farm-to-Table Cuisine Is Still Alive Under Occupation

I picked one hell of a week to visit the West Bank for a food trip, but luckily I ended up at Hosh Jasmin, an organic farm and restaurant set on a hillside near Bethlehem. Think Dan Barber’s Blue Hill at Stone Barns, but under occupation.
Luke Pyenson