This Pizzeria Will Give You Free Pizza for a Year If You Catch Their Burglar

A pizza place in Denver called Kaos is now offering free pizza for an entire year to anyone who can help police find the thief who recently burglarized the business.
Alex Swerdloff

How a Hot Dog Bun Helped Police Solve a Burglary

One of the officers dug deep into his inner Sherlock Holmes and took the case a step further. He noticed that on the video, one of the suspects was eating a hot dog—“a well-known hot dog,” according to a press release issued by the department.
Alex Swerdloff

Italy Just Broke up a Multi-Million-Dollar Olive Oil Scheme

Shit just got real in the slippery and cutthroat world of Italian olive oil. Italy, the EU’s second-largest producer of olive oil, announced just yesterday that authorities have shut down an unprecedented Puglia-based olive oil scam.
Alex Swerdloff

NYC Officials Made Millions by Illegally Selling Red Bulls Bought with Food Stamps

A ring led by a New York State Human Resources Administration bureaucrat came up with a way to rip off $2 million in food stamps and other public assistance benefits over the past five years. They even used the proceeds to start a business reselling...
Alex Swerdloff

Russian Criminals Hid Half a Ton of Caviar in a Hearse and Casket

Russia’s Interior Ministry said in a statement that the Russian police uncovered 1,100 pounds of caviar in the back of a hearse that was pulled over for speeding.
Alex Swerdloff

Japan Is Breaking Its Tradition of Having Criminals Hand Out Halloween Candy

That’s right, it is with a heavy heart that we report that the Yamaguchi-gumi—Japan’s international crime syndicate—has just announced they will no longer be giving Kobe’s eager trick-or-treaters any deliciously festive candy.
Alex Swerdloff

50,000 Horses Disappeared During Europe's Meat Fraud Scandal

Europe’s 2013 horsemeat scandal may actually have been responsible for the mysterious disappearance of 50,000 horses. We may never regard a meadow filled with quietly grazing horses in the same way again.
Alex Swerdloff

Mysterious Teen Burglars Are Stealing Denver's Hot Pockets and Netflix

That’s right, the shadowy specter has an unwavering hunger for the precious snacks and 'Cowboy Bebop' episodes of unsuspecting Coloradans.
Alex Swerdloff

Someone Is Stealing Parisian Hipsters' Chickens

One trendy and eco-friendly restaurant in Paris has experienced the theft of six of their live chickens. Who is stealing this poultry and what gives?
Alison Stevenson
prison food

Japanese Prisoners Want Better Curry and Cutlery

The Japanese correctional system has been surprisingly accommodating to the culinary demands of its prison population.
Nick Rose