José Andrés Fed 3 Million People in Puerto Rico, But Wishes It Had Been More

"I think leadership is 51 percent empathy. With empathy, you can gain the hearts of anybody, if you mean business."
Danielle Wayda
Puerto Rico

How Puerto Rico's Chefs Are Surviving the Island's Economic Crisis

When Puerto Rico defaulted on its multibillion-dollar debt this month, it created a precarious situation for the restaurants and chefs that have been reinvigorating the nation’s cuisine and helping to rebuild the island’s agricultural bounty.
Alicia Kennedy

A Huge Mayonnaise Spill Turned a French Highway into a Greasy Death Trap

Who needs a Slip ’N Slide when you have a whole highway coated in nature’s lube?
Alex Swerdloff

The Greek Financial Crisis Could Mess With Your Beloved Feta and Olive Oil

Thinking of having a Greek salad for lunch tomorrow? Well, you should. Because it might be your last chance to get decent feta for a while and, well, Greece needs your money.
Hilary Pollack
West Africa

Ebola Has Created a Full-Fledged Food Crisis in Liberia

In Ebola's epicenter in West Africa, the virus's spread has upset the sale and distribution of food resources for millions. We spoke to the World Food Programme about the current state of food insecurity, the Jenewonda crisis, and the ways that we can...
Hilary Pollack

Ebola Might Leave Survivors Food-Strapped in Liberia

The first diagnosed case of ebola in the United States has sent some people in the West into a panic, but the reality of the virus is still far worse in West Africa, where the outbreak has sent some food prices soaring and potentially endangered...
Matthew Zuras

How to Cook Dinner for 20,000 Syrian Refugees

The Bab Al-Salama IDP camp on the border of Turkey is home to thousands of Syrians displaced by the civil war that continues to rage in their homeland. Each day, the kitchen staff there make use of what limited resources are available to feed the...
Patrick Hilsman and Anna Day

Fishing for Survival in Gaza City

In the 1990s, Palestinian fishermen were able to sail 20 nautical miles to catch a diverse haul of seafood. Today, the tensions between Israelis and Hamas have limited their fishing range to three miles from shore, where biodiversity is scarce.
Ashley Gallagher

What Happens During an Airdrop?

Unless you've been entirely disengaged from the news over the last few days, you'll have read about the desperate situation in Iraq. Basic aid is being given—via airdrops—to thousands of Iraqis in Mount Sinjar who are hiding in the mountains from...
Eleanor Morgan
food politics

What Happens When the Food Runs Out?

By the second part of this century wars won’t be fought over land or oil, but rather food. Or more specifically, the lack of it.
VICE Staff