Apple Pie

Pick a combination of apple varieties for a balance of acid, sugar, and tannin in your pie. But remember that apples must be ripe for full flavor. If the seeds are darkening, the apple is mature.
Tom Burford
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It's Not Too Soon to Make This Brown Butter Pumpkin Pie

The Elsen sisters of Four & Twenty Blackbirds shared their pumpkin pie secrets with us and it involves canned pumpkin.
Nick Rose
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Bedfordshire’s Answer to the Cornish Pasty Mixes Marmalade with Bacon

The Bedfordshire clanger is a suet pastry with a savory filling (like bacon and eggs or minced lamb) in one end, and a sweet filling (rhubarb, custard, marmalade) in the other.
Luke Slater

A Visual Guide to What Makes Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza Great

During my travels on <i>The Pizza Show</i>, I’ve sampled and tested some of Chicago’s finest deep-dish pizzas. Here’s a quick crash-course on deep-dish anatomy.
Frank Pinello
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The US Military Has Created Pizza That Stays Edible for Three Years

Reheated pizzas are hardly fine dining, but for men and women in the armed forces, it’s a big deal.
Nick Rose

Mastering the Art of Perfect Pie Crust at Home

Making your own pie crust isn't difficult, but it does require patience and just a little bit of baking know-how, because gluten can be a real bitch.
Sydney Kramer

Fancy Pizza Ovens Are Reviving the American Coal Industry

Our nation’s growing taste for coal-fired pizza has resulted in a newfound interest in anthracite coal, which makes for very hot ovens and perfectly cooked pizzas.
Munchies Staff

We Caught Up with the Guy Who Has Survived on Pizza Alone for the Last 25 Years

A few months ago, we ran a story about a guy who has managed to survive on pizza alone for the past 25 years. It's confounding that he's not dead. We checked back in with him in the aftermath of his internet fame to see how life has changed for him.
Helen Hollyman